by Morphine

January 28, 2011

Having a little too much fun with hair right now.
I'm planning on two other colors for this.
But I don't know yet.
Those spikes look really nice!

If you want to submit your items to the site, you can by following the instructions after you click "Extract items from oekaki" next to your picture. For hair you'll also have to do with item layering. We have a tutorial for that here.

If you have any questions, just ask, okay? <3
Thank you, but I am still pretty confused. ^.^;
I think it's mostly with the ear part.
Ah, simply put, to make the elf ears work, you have to define which part of the hair would show in front of it and which part behind it, and submit them as different pictures.

Which makes me think... if you need to know the position of the elf ears you can still get them into your picture, if you equip some and then edit your picture. It will load your new avi.
I think I slightly understand. X3
I need to go back and edit this so that the elf ears will work, then edit it so regular ears will work?
Not exactly, you have to make sure the same images are also compatible with normal ears. But they will be if you follow what the tutorial says.

Just play around with the submission page a bit, it will show a preview with elf ears for hair, so you can see if it's working.
I under stand this now. :o
I need to basically have a transparent copy of the whole hair, then a copy of the erased parts that will show the ears.
Sorry, still pretty new to this pixeling thing.
Now I just need to figure out how to work the submission.
I LOVE this! It's amazing! Great job :D
My favourite hair >W<