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This is my profile, comment if you dare.

Announcements: My profile now includes: TABLE (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ FLIP!

Status: ITS HOT, and now its COOOOLD

Current Obsession: Violin & Pixeling....and one piece o3o

Gender: Female of course D:< (or am i.. >->)

Age: 14! :D

Location: Earth. (I'm actually from mars..SHH don't tell anyoneeee. >w>)

Likes: Uhm... o-o I likes a lot of stuff. :3
Like Minecraft, cats, anything sweet *w*, watching people troll in minecraft XDDDD, uuuhm music, being laaaazy, one piece and frozen coke with ice cream on top<3 XD

Dislikes: Icky stuff D:< and mean peoplez >-> cause they're...mean o3o.

I made a tutorial sucks :3. Take a look!

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I madez a veeedeo~

Ma Log ;D
August 5, 2011: Joined CPDD!
October 20, 2011: Became an item artist!
March 5, 2012: Had my first CPDD birthday!
August 5, 2012: 1st Anniversary of joining CPDD!
October 20, 2012: 1st Anniversary of becoming an item artist!
February 6, 2013: Got rank 10 on the top 10 artist's list!
June 20, 2013: Got rank 9 on the top 10 artist's list!
July 9, 2013: Got rank 8 on the top 10 artist's list!
September 11, 2013: Got rank 7 on the top 10 artist's list!
November 23, 2013: Got rank 6 on the top 10 artist's list!(yay X3)

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Join date: August 5, 2011
Birthday: March 5
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ale.. i know i already said.. but your first tini dress was really awesome.. i know you edited it.. but why you don't resend the old one with another name?
i'm so sad you decided to delete it.. <3 <3 it make me thought to card capitor sakura or rozen maiden sugintou dress .. i thouth it was a lovely magical-girl themed dress.. <3
kk have fun! :D
Cute dratini tails! But they need to be touching the ground or it will look like you're floating in the air... could you fix that?
OMG! is so cute! thanks <3
I love your profile c:
*epic glomp*
Aww, thank you~

I haven't been very active lately, I got lots of stuff going on but I hope one day to be able to make a grand return!!
You look so beatutiful!! You look like an angel...
ale.. there wasn't a -reset button- on the forgotten hallway?
you're welcome ^_^
Oh my gosh! Your doll looks so cute! ^^
Its okay! Thanks. :)
it's only now that i have seen your comment on my profile.
yes, i have written a book. :)