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Status: Pushing it

I am done being nice. If you want sugar coated cupcakes, go somewhere else.

Current projects: Making IRL items, NPCs and Story Arcs

Nickname: Az
Age: 29
Birthday: March 14 // White Day // Teuk Day // Pi Day

I am a hardcore gamer chick.
I am a pixel artist.
I am a 8 year choir student.
I am a veteran role player.

I like animals.
I like hiking.
I like cooking.
I like web design.

I love scrap booking.
I love my mermaid magic hair.
I love nail art.
I love the color purple.

I live and breathe Korean pop music, idols, actors and dramas.
I live and breathe being part of my many K-Pop fandoms.
I live and breathe flowers.
I live and breathe L'Arc~en~Ciel.

Rose Mouse: "You're like the Mew of Admins"
Aww, yeah. I'm cool XD

Alina_Mau: "lol oh az you have all the colors of hair"
It's all because of that mermaid magic.

Miyuki //:// Sun Goddess //://
Ellendar D'Lorrian //:// Sode no Shirayuki
Azkhadellia //://

Join date: October 5, 2008
Birthday: March 14
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Happy Birthdayy~!
Aki Izayoi
Happy Birthday Az-chan! <3 <3 <3
Happy birthday ^^
Happy birthday, Az! You really need to come by more!
Argh, missed your birthday, sorry :( hope it went well, and may this new year of existence be filled with blessings!
Will you be anywhere near my server (Harbinger) during the double exp weekend? ^^;
Hi! your so Pretty and Awesome :3
Kawaii Chup-chup
Oops sorry I was not replying ^_^
So how are you today? :D
Kawaii Chup-chup
I'm doing great!!! I love this site!!! :D
Kawaii Chup-chup
what k-pop fandom are you??
hello how are you today
Not really, but I love it to bits!
Hi Azkhadellia!!

I'm almost 3 months in this site and I'm so happy here!!! I love everything here! I can share fun stuffs to others and I can easily get along with different people from all over the world!!!

Thank you all of of the mods here who built this community and more power!! ^_^

Your fellow Chibidoll and friend,
Kawaii ♥
Kawaii Chup-chup
Ah, your art and items are amazing!