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Heya! It's me, Plague_Genie, or you can just call me Gen or Gene or maybe a hypocritical name, Plague! So I've decided to make a new account in this website, if you know who I am, better not let the cat out of the basket will ya? But anyways, thanks for viewing my profile, I'd really appreciate it if you leave a comment down my dm thread :3

So you wanna learn more about me eh?
Nah whatever here it is :P


Name: PlagueGenie

Nicknames: Plague, Gene, Gen, Generous (cheesy), Nacho

Real Name: Jelzy Arabella

Age: I will not reveal my real age though I will put up a screen age, so it will be 17 :)

Zodiac: Gemini

DoB: June 7th

Nationality: Filipino

Likes: Horror,Pastel,Galaxy,Purple,Black,Cats,Chocolates,Junk Food (I'm really thin as fudge dude promise ;-;),This site (ey),Internet and MEMESS


So that's basically the things that you should know about me so you can understand me more instead of being a triggered stereotype because of the way I act, though I hope I can get along with this site well :D


My boyfriend


*here's a random picture of a cupcake



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Heya :3
Hello sav!