Character description for cindy

Real name: Grace *Last name should be inserted here but I don't feel like being stalked at the moment...*
Location: Australia
Pet(s): A cat called Dolly and a dog called Jasmine!
Fav Food(s): Anything sweet
Fav colour(s): Purple and blue
Likes: Pokemon, Anime, Sweets, PewDiePie, Cats and Music
Dislikes: The Dark, Lizards, School, Being corrected and scary movies
Dreams for the future: To get a drawing tablet!!
Status: Online
Feeling: Cheerful ^-^

Welcome to my profile!!
As you can see I am a massive Pokemon fan!
All Pokemon fans must unite!!
I get excited very easily so watch out! And if you might just so happen to meet me in a dark alley I suggest that you run away!!

Note: Please leave your shoes outside, so you won't bring dirt into my profile.

Join date: March 11, 2011
Birthday: March 6
cindy was last seen on July 26, 2013 (4 years ago)

I'm glad you like it so much; you're welcome!
Rose Mouse
lol I've been beaten to it but welcome to CPDDU! I love your profile. 8D <3
Cool pokemon profile layout!
Raspberry GURL
thanks a lot cindy and your outfit fits for your profile
pokemon style
Hello! where can I found the skirt that your avatar dress now?
Cool pokemon theme.
Pink Rose
Thanks ,you know what they say what you really want, you post it . The profile I had help from Alina_Mau and made a few images details and arrangements. Love your profile too you know.
Pink Rose
Happy Birthday!
Vani Rose
Happy Birthday, Cindy! Hope your day is good for you. :3
Happy B day :D
happy birthday :DD

Hehe ^^ i have a niece named grace and i also live in australia :D
Happy Birthday :D
hi cindy.