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hi i chose a really weird username huh

hi! my name is aaron. i hope to be good friends with all of you!! !

Join date: May 21, 2014
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It's not that weird of a username! Heh. I like it. It does remind me a lot of the word scapegoat though. o .o

Welcome to the site! I really hope you enjoy it here. :3
Elle Xias
Hello and welcome!
Aha, you're welcome!
I'm sure there's a lot more weird usernames out there!

What type of things are you into? :3
Elle Xias
No problem! How are you like the website so far? ^^
Thats good. Yeah, I know how you feel. It doesn't let me draw on Oekaki either. I remember one of the mods, Alina, mention that she figured out how to get around that problem. Here's a link to her profile if you want to ask her:
Hi! Welcome to CPDDU! What's up?
It seems like a lot of people are into those. You'd fit right in here. :3
I like them too, amongst other things.
Elle Xias