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July 31, 2012 21:39 (9 years ago)
And there is now a site item artist Top 10 on the submission page, too!
August 1, 2012 3:14 (9 years ago)
Interesting! I had no idea i'd made that much stuff. >:O
August 1, 2012 10:01 (9 years ago)
Awesome Karin! Thank you so much! ^.^
August 1, 2012 17:52 (9 years ago)
.. Not again. xD

That's really cool!
The item database is so awesome!
Rose Mouse
August 4, 2012 16:52 (9 years ago)
I'm guessing the Topics are now sorted by the latest comment?
Kinda of confusing! @_@ But I guess I could get used to it...
Rose Mouse
August 4, 2012 20:36 (9 years ago)
Well, they need to be sorted by something, and I guess they were in the order in which they were added before, which might be more logical with fixed topics, so tell me if I should change it back. For now, it does make it easier to find new posts from before today.

And of course we're now missing the site building category. Maybe topics should be categorized like the wiki's. Depends on what we want to do with the forum eventually.
August 5, 2012 1:35 (9 years ago)
im actually really liking the way things hit the top of the page, i just wish it had been announced so we knew what was going on XD
August 5, 2012 13:17 (9 years ago)
I liked the way it was before. I am just a weirdo for categories and everything being organized.
August 5, 2012 19:52 (9 years ago)
I really like organization too. I thought the bold names was enough to tell what's been commented on recently.
Rose Mouse
August 9, 2012 22:40 (9 years ago)
I've been experimenting a bit with having the last post pop up near your avatar in the chat box.
August 10, 2012 3:17 (9 years ago)
I like the idea, but the last time I saw it (which is when you first added it) it felt a bit cramped up in the doll area.
Rose Mouse
August 22, 2012 19:31 (9 years ago)
I'm still perfecting it.

Collecting new features to make a chat box update announcement:
- choosing who you want to invite
- whispering
- speech bubbles
September 7, 2012 14:25 (9 years ago)
The speech bubbles are quite brill!
November 4, 2012 16:12 (8 years ago)
I've made it so that only oekaki's that took at least 15 minutes to make get featured on the front page. So spend a little effort if you want that.
November 5, 2012 8:15 (8 years ago)
Maybe I should make it check the total time.
November 14, 2012 3:26 (8 years ago)
asklfjlgh i'm digging the new header layout! It's so fun hovering over the bubble tabs. STROOOBE!! :D
November 14, 2012 4:07 (8 years ago)
MEHH! Me too! I already made a pretty smacking cool profile for my friend already ^^
November 25, 2012 12:42 (8 years ago)
Here's a little explanation about the new Oekaki Favorite feature.

Each oekaki now has a little star next to it with a counter of how many times it has been "faved". Click the star to "fave" something, then it will go into your "favorites" gallery. Click again to "unfave" it. You can also "fave" one of your own oekaki's, but instead of your "favorites" it will go into your "portfolio" gallery.

Enjoy and don't forget to mark all your old favorites!
December 5, 2012 23:19 (8 years ago)
Small update to the Oekaki Favorite Feature: if you've built your oekaki portfolio by faving your own pictures, it will show those on your profile instead of your most recent pictures.
February 17, 2013 11:46 (8 years ago)
Because browsers don't trust Java anymore and keep asking for your confirmation to run the oekaki program all the time, the animation can now only be viewed after you click on the image.
April 9, 2013 1:46 (8 years ago)
Yay New improvements~ (lol I'm late x.x)
July 14, 2013 9:51 (8 years ago)
I've pimped the Adventures tab a little bit.
July 14, 2013 9:53 (8 years ago)
Oh! And items by Azkhadellia and Omniamis were used to do it!
July 14, 2013 23:08 (8 years ago)
Ohhh! I love the wreath!
July 18, 2013 1:48 (8 years ago)
I really like that this site has an oekaki page, I'll have to fix my Java and try it out. I also very much like the site design and how the forums work. I really like being able to change expressions with each post, it's fun. I think I could really like it here!
Ratgirl 13
July 18, 2013 19:11 (8 years ago)
That's very sweet, Rat Girl! Welcome to the site, I hope you'll like it here!
July 20, 2013 0:21 (8 years ago)
Yeah, I do. I'm a big fan of little dress-up dolls as avatars, and the site's nowhere near as confusing to use as some. I intend to stop in whenever I'm online, which isn't every day, but I'll come here when I can.
Ratgirl 13
July 21, 2013 12:43 (8 years ago)
I've been pimping the adventures tab a little bit more; I've added difficulty levels for all the events now. But, there is a catch! It's been a long time since I worked on most of them and I've always been in on it from the beginning, so my ratings are possibly not fair. So anyone who can come up with alternative ratings, let's hear them, please!

I'd also like to hear if you've had trouble with events because they were unclear about what you had to do, then we could revise them a at some point and make them more fun.
July 27, 2013 21:25 (8 years ago)
Chat box update: Poking people in the chat box now makes your chatting icon light up and a boop sound! This way you'll now if people are asking for you specifically!
August 2, 2013 7:34 (8 years ago)
New Feature!
When you're posting, there is now a check box under your avi that will let you save your outfit with your post, so it will stay the same even after you change your outfit!
September 3, 2013 13:05 (8 years ago)
I like it! :)
September 16, 2013 22:31 (8 years ago)
Papi's Attempt At The Coding Tutorial!

Papi made a present for you all. :3

It's still in the making though. :c
September 17, 2013 6:28 (8 years ago)
Thanks that's neat.

I'm going on a holiday. See you all in 3 weeks!
September 17, 2013 18:10 (8 years ago)
Have fun! c:
September 18, 2013 3:24 (8 years ago)
best wishes at japan! XD
January 22, 2014 21:22 (7 years ago)
I have improved the chat box emote recognition a bit.
Message by Karin was deleted
February 15, 2014 15:28 (7 years ago)
Hey guys! I've update the head line art of the base, such that it looks less awkward once your doll faces the wrong way. I don't think this will matter much for our items, since hairs aren't allowed to follow the line art exactly anyway.

Based on our logo's line art TM
February 15, 2014 17:35 (7 years ago)
for the most part ya that shouldn't effect anything but if anyone finds any glitches I'm willing to patch them up :o
May 23, 2014 23:17 (7 years ago)
New feature! The forum now remembers when you last read a topic, so unread posts will be bolded even when they're already a few days old.

(note: for it to start "remembering" you'll need to have visited the topic at least once, starting now)
August 24, 2014 3:47 (7 years ago)
I love this site!!! That's why I play it everyday!! ^_^
Kawaii Chup-chup
February 11, 2015 0:23 (6 years ago)
Me to
December 27, 2019 1:08 (20 months ago)
Minor release: I've opened the event section on the beta site, which has Halloween 2008 listed as fully playable. More events will be readded when their compatibility has been tested. We still have to improve the graphics as well.
January 5, 2020 2:57 (20 months ago)
Minor release: Xmas event 2008 is now playable on the beta site. I forgot how huge it was.
January 7, 2020 17:53 (20 months ago)
I don't really like the navigation arrows we are using right now, we need ones that are cuter!
January 9, 2020 6:53 (20 months ago)
Do you have something in mind?
Ookami Kenran
January 9, 2020 8:42 (20 months ago)
Happy new year! Would you like to give it a go? I think I'd like a fatter arrow, still pixel art, which matches the default logo colors. Large enough so it'd be easier to click on a phone. Oh and a highlighted version to indicate you're about to click something, even if you can't see that on a phone...
January 13, 2020 20:19 (20 months ago)
You said you wanted it to match the default logo... I am not familiar w/ imgur, but I can get you the layers so you can do the recolor thing with them too. What do you think though?
Ookami Kenran
January 13, 2020 20:49 (20 months ago)
Ooh looks nice I like the simplicity! Could you use the same blues as the logo?
February 1, 2020 1:57 (19 months ago)
New feature! We now have [dice] BBCode, use as follows: [dice]<number of normal dice you want to roll>[/dice] or [dice]3d20[/dice] number of 20-sided dice you want to roll (or any other number of sides), have fun!
September 19, 2020 0:55 (12 months ago)
I worked on the site omg! Stickies and oekakis.
October 18, 2020 20:01 (11 months ago)
Kept working on the site! We now have a hug button for friends in the chat box and mobile friendly event graphics. Also the logo at the top is now clickable and leads to "Home". And you can dress up at the page that gives item details, if you have access to that item.