The Solemn Girl
by Pink Rose

June 30, 2012

So, yeah this is a portrait of a solemn girl in a trance... pls. comment.
Pink Rose
Ooo~ A trance? What kind? Psychic?
Very cute btw.
Rose Mouse
Thanks Rose Mouse and yes, she is in a trance, half awake and asleep almost unconscious.
Pink Rose
OMG! This is the same exact Drawing I saw in a dream I had :O *AMAZING*
Really ? :O That's an amazing coincidence .
Pink Rose
I like your use of pastel colored orbs to achieve that effect. It gives a nice floaty feel as if she were in a dream or trance.
Thanks Sparrow :D
Pink Rose
Her facial expression really matches the serenity of what is present :D nice work Pink Rose
omg wow that looks awesome. keep up the awesome works, pink!