Christmas Event VI
Official Christmas 2013 event thread (Events)

Merry Christmas everybody!

Since the last Halloween event was such a hit and inspired a lot of our artists, our Christmas event this year will be an update of the Pokemon chat box game! Now with more Pokemon!

- Go here to get started -

But we're not done yet completely so stay tuned for more updates!

For the ones who got Pokemon X or Y for Christmas, let's all swap friend codes, too!

This release (so far) includes new Pokemon by


how do you get the pokeball again? D:
Aki Izayoi
@ Aki: There's one near the Wizard. It might help...
Oh, by the way, my 3DS friend code is 3050 - 7703 - 9542 and I'll add anyone else who posts theirs here!
Hope everyone had a good christmas, and thanks to everyone who put in effort to get this out, so much stuff in it O.O
Update #1: Now shiny Pokemon can also appear!
Heres mine! 2466-1489-0651 Go ahead and hit me up if you added me <3!
Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry for the delay.
Update #2: the Pokedex has been split into butterflies and non-butterflies, with separate prizes for the completion of each!
Thanks Karin! ^^
Love the update's new title <3
My Friend code is 1779-0254-2019 and I play not just pokemon but animal crossing new leaf and other games so let me know so we can chill on new leaf or trade up them pokemans lol
wonder.. if you wear pokeball item.. is still possible find pokemon in the chat?
Yes, as long as you wear one Pokemon will keep showing up.
Retiring the topic for lack of Christmas.