Halloween Event IV
Official Halloween 2011 event topic (Events)

Welcome to Chibi Pixel Doll Dress-Up's fourth Halloween event!

~~~Main Puzzle Event~~~
Maybe you thought we would take it easy on you after the mastermind game we had at this year's Easter event, but you were wrong! Enter the game world here to learn all about the Zodiac and be subjected to impossible logic puzzles. (Read up on logic grid puzzles if you want to solve them anyway, you'll need the visual aid!)

List of people who solved all puzzles

The Mods and Halloween Helpers (Ookami Kenran, RoboticSoul, Shinya, Star, Chaos and Pudding) will be handing out candy to you from the chat box! Consider this our Halloween mini event to kick of the week with a bang!

You will be able to exchange your candy at the Samhain Festival, which you can find through here.

(Note : Please don't beg for candy! Each day you are allowed one piece from each Mod and helper that you find.)

~Oekaki Art Contest~

In the mood for Halloween art? Show us by competing in the art contest! There will be 3 different contests over the week with prizes given out on Sunday!

To learn more about the Contests click here!

~Scavenger Hunt Dress-Up~

Dress your doll with items you find all over the site! The catch? You have to make sure that your doll has everything on the list! There are two list's you can play and you can enter both.

If you'd like to give it a try go here!


Logic puzzle design/development

Event organizer/designer/artist/coder

Event theme designer/artist/helper

Artistic supervisor

Other artists


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Awesome event, just finished the Libra sign. :DD

Eleven more. XD
How do I get the net again? when I just get the knife
I cant get the net anymore.
Thank you guys for making this a logic puzzle!
I love logic puzzles.
Puzzle links were moved to their own thread.
Rose Mouse
Put them back because one topic seems more than enough.
I know this is like such a tiny little glitch but you guys got my birthday symbol wrong. January 21 is Aquairius not Capricorn. >.<
Where is it wrong? Link or screen shot please.
Rose Mouse
I can't see the images where the NPC show us how their zodiac signs look a like...
Sorry Lynn that kind of sucks.

And I think your problem is because you worked on the event with us Seon, fixed now!
Im Capricorn and Celeste said i'm Aquarius, just like lynn.
Hmmm..Im stuck on this part:Good! You've gathered all the orbs! Now try summoning the zodiac spirit we angered, and the curse might finally be lifted!

Which zodiac spirit? Hmm... Well, I seem to be having a strong feeling about your birth sign.

HUHUHUHU IM stuck can anyone pm me what will i do?
Everyone, you can now also see the logic grid for the puzzles you're trying to solve! This can be very helpful. However, whatever you fill in will not be saved, and it might look a bit messed up outside of Internet Explorer.

Click once to mark an option as "certain", and twice to remove the option. Hope it helps!
I now also fixed the birthday glitch. This won't change the order of the puzzles if you're already playing though.
Thanks for the expirience and the event I completed it
Ah! We still need a hall of fame for this event, don't we?
Here it is: Congratulations!
Stuck. Can't figure out the last 2, tried with trial&error, but the libra won't take it's sign... :>

Pretty damn sure I have the other 10 right... What am I doing wrong? D:
Maybe you mixed up some symbols? Virgo and Scorpio are very much alike, especially tiny as they are on the orbs.
Nope, didn't mix those up... I had the last 3 wrong... I think there's a tiny mistake in one of the clues... :>

"Sirtaki's birthday is right before the person's who started searching at the forgotten hallway."

It should be after...
You were right, there was a mistake in the first puzzle, but the hint that was wrong was "The Gemini did not want to go as a black cat, but did start searching in the worn parlor." It should've been Taurus. Thanks a lot!