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Help this site become what you want it to be! Please share your ideas!

Currently working on
  • V2 of the site, which is a lot of work so bear with me

Being beta tested
  • Changable pets that appear on your avatar

In consideration
  • Badges for completing events
  • Inventory + site currency

Please suggest!
  • More poses
  • More emotes
  • Main dress-up items
  • Tiny improvements that make a big difference for you
  • Anything you feel this site is lacking
  • New ways to use your avatar
  • The thing you always wanted on an avatar site, but never could have

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lol tell that to my friend who hates her freckles XD I think somebody already made a freckles item, but I don't know who, maybe somebody else knows.
Found it! -Link-
More CSS flexibility for our profiles would be nice.
Once suggested, and became more relevant now we're all using smart phones: scroll to top button
Idea for the forum/wiki index pages since they're so low on graphics: create icon from the first poster's face or icon based on the category of the topic/wiki or a selection of other (pixel) (site) icons that look nice with any theme.

Menu items should also have icons added to them by the way. It's easier especially for the younger ones.
[die]%[/die] ? to have a random # between 1 & 100.
I need d2, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20 of course! (ex: "[die]3d6[/die]" results in "11".)
Oh my goodness... now I'm getting ideas on graphics... (kinda like the pets but in BBC)

Also, on playground mode, the preview is aligned left when all the other posts are center...
Ookami Kenran
How could I forget my request about seeing the post date of comments! It could be tiny, at the right under the quote bubble?

Face palm pose!
Ookami Kenran
And about your smart phone dilemma... (Sorry...I'm spamming here...:( ) I would be interested in helping make a "responsive" CSS...?
Ookami Kenran
My bad...I see that the new version is responsive...
Ookami Kenran
-Straight mouth o_o
-Eyes: >.>
-I forgot something...
-Edit our own comments.
-Romaji's Barber Shop suggestions:
-Diying station that has all colors
-More tied styles
Ookami Kenran
Thanks for your suggestions! ^^ I'm glad you're actually beta testing it for me, that way I know if what I'm working on is actually also what bothers people the most.

The CSS is not perfect yet in V2 but it's much better already. I actually haven't thought that much about phone users, like that they don't have the option to read things upon hovering over images. I mainly tried to make it scale well.

So are you mainly using a computer or a phone when you go on here?
I have a computer still, and an old tablet, and my phone. So whatever suits my fancy at the time.
However, it seems like kids these days really tend to prefer the phone. To save space horizontally, for real thin screens, you could put the avitars above or below the quote bubble, that would mean moving the bubble tail though.
Ookami Kenran
Well the comments are fine, I'm already happy with the way they scale.

I think many kids don't even own a pc anymore. My own phone has gotten slow because apps all keep taking more and more space, like there's no limit.
I seem to find the same. Yeah, I hate that...
Ookami Kenran
May I suggest moving the arrows to the left side? I found that they get in the way of the emoji options on mobile. I'd also like to suggest making the space in between them and the edge to be a little more, but that's personal
Ookami Kenran
Also I think I would be cool if, as a coder, we could see other people's Edit Profile and CSS (see, not edit) page. It would be easier for people to help others wanting to code for themselves.

PS Pose ideas: Rock-n-roll-fist-in-the-air, other thoughtful, facepalm, and shrug.
Ookami Kenran
Really? I moved them back to the right again because it's closer to the scroll bar. Didn't test it on mobile yet though >>;
A hat off option at the barber would be cool. Like when you are looking at other hats, you have the option to puton/takeoff you current 'hat.'
Ookami Kenran
Oh btw if you have ideas for the global CSS, like positioning the scroll to top/bottom buttons, please do go ahead and make some CSS for it on one of your custom pages, and if I like it too I can just copy it from there! ^^
Added the hat off option at the barber, don't expect anything too fancy though!

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