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  • Changable pets that appear on your avatar

In consideration
  • Different poses for handheld items
  • A way for item creators to manage their items
  • Inventory + site currency
  • Earning currency through activities that help the site
  • Buyable items that are monthly/seasonal/depend on how long you've been a member/donation exclusive
  • Site promotion: ads on other sites
  • Item and Artist Search function

Please suggest!
  • More poses
  • More emotes
  • Main dress-up items
  • Ways to improve layout/navigation
  • Tiny improvements that can make a big difference
  • The thing you always wanted on an avatar site, but never could have. If we can make a big improvement with a tiny change we might do it right away!
  • General page maintenance (please report bugs in the info booth)

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BTW u can ask about things you don't know on PM (Private message) Or just ask me bcoz this page is just really for :D
You can just ask me if you're still confused on some stuff but just don't post them here.
Kawaii Chup-chup
Message by yomamma was deleted
I would like to have:
1. (x) a delete button for the comment box on profiles
2. (?) a report button

lol that's sensible, I'll see what I can do but it may take a while.
You should ask for like something more cooler
That's suggestions nice. Specially for me......I already really wanted to delete some of those comments and messages I've posted in my own profile that doesn't even make any sense.
Kawaii Chup-chup
1. There would be a "Friend","Follow","Watch","Add" etc. button? (so we can see if who are we following or adding as a friend :D )

2. A badge?? For example uhh.. When you're already one year in dA you will have a badge XD Or when it's your birthday you will have a cake badge! :D Or when you won a game on an event you will have a medal badge or prize badge XD

3.I would like if you add a new pose that is like this : and the waving hand XD

4. Is there an edit comment? XD

• [sub] sorry if it's too many :'< [/sub] •

I take it you're from DeviantArt? XD

We were actually already looking into some of those suggestions, might take us some time though, thanks!
A badge feature would be nice :D
Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a Sebastian Michaelis hair.
.... can we have a blocking system so i can block a certain someone in this site?
Aki Izayoi
Hmm I can understand some people wanting that, how would you see this implemented though? Disallowing certain people to post on your profile/pm you? Or you not being able to see any of their posts on the site?
1st one would do i guess..
Aki Izayoi
Okay, I'll look into it.
I think freckles would be nice...mainly because I think freckles are so cute XD
lol tell that to my friend who hates her freckles XD I think somebody already made a freckles item, but I don't know who, maybe somebody else knows.
Found it! -Link-
More CSS flexibility for our profiles would be nice.
Once suggested, and became more relevant now we're all using smart phones: scroll to top button
Idea for the forum/wiki index pages since they're so low on graphics: create icon from the first poster's face or icon based on the category of the topic/wiki or a selection of other (pixel) (site) icons that look nice with any theme.

Menu items should also have icons added to them by the way. It's easier especially for the younger ones.

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