Hi! I'm Ivoran, but you can call me Rat if you like. Or Tara. Or Ivoran, if you like that. Whatever suits you.
I'm 13 years old and have terrible memory. I love animals, the colour blue, rainbows and cake!
I live in New Zealand, so the seasons are back to front for most of you! >:D

I don't go on that much, sorry, so it might take me a while to reply to something.

~~Profile by Rose Mouse~~

I have an adorable cat called Edmund. He's slightly crazy, but I love him!


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Alright, I made a test account and took a screen shot.
Hopefully once Karin is back from work she can fix it for real.
Sorry for the false alarm!
Rose Mouse
◖: ǝɯ oʇ ǝuıɟ sʞooן ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌƎ
Rose Mouse
¡sןooℲ ןıɹd∀ ¡ǝɥǝɥǝH
Rose Mouse
buuu..why broun?!? black cats are better!! >.<

anyway love your item... <3
I think your cats could be improved if you made the tails a little less straight. So I'm hesitating to add them. Fix them please?
Funny, she must have accepted them only yesterday. But to update your items you can just reupload them on the submission page using the exact same name.
Was there something wrong with the kitties? I love them so much, I may have just gotten too excited about them?
It's not blinking for me. Hmm, that's so weird.
I'll find a similar image and replace it if you'd like. Or I could even make the image.
I wonder what makes it blink like that though.
Rose Mouse
Oh haha, it's okay to double post on profiles. I don't mind.
Yeah it's become too much of a hassle making so many.
If you ever need help with yours, you can ask me.
Rose Mouse
thank youu tara~
i think your art is lovely c:
youre welcome~ its the truth!!
so how are you today??
pretty bored
bought my first copic today!
planning on buying one each week... haha
yeah!! i currently have 5, im aiming to buy about 1 everyweek haha
WHOAA you live in new zealand??! I used to live in new zealand :DDDD i live in australia now X3
X3 is too