My Virtual Pets:

Name: Pingu
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 23rd
Age: 9 years
Owner: Rosamond
Adopted: May 24th, 2010


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Thank you, Rosamond. *huggles* ='3
Edea Sorceress
Thank you for sending me a happy birthday message, and sorry for replying so late. xD

Before I climb up to my bed, I just wanted to say,
"Happy Belated Birthday, Rosa!"

Sorry if it's an almost-three-weeks-late gift,
just doodled it with my red pen. XD;

Thank you Rosamond! I like you profile, especially the stars on the background. (I'm in love with stars!)
Rose Mouse
Adorable Penguin <3
I do too :D Though, I love animals in general. XD
Thanks so much.
Rose Mouse
omg gaia... lol I think I remember my password..
*gives you my homemade and infamous(LOL) cassava cake*

I know this is futile but I'm hoping for the best. :)
Thank you for having helped out with the site for all this time. Even though we don't get along right now, I hope you will continue to be able to enjoy that which you've helped create and the friends you've made on here.

I'm now hoping to give both of us some peace for a little while. But should you really want to return as a moderator at some point, I'm sure we can work something out. Take care <3
Nice Penguin :)
Pretty penguin...(Fact:some penguins are not in antartica...)
it's not really a fact..
Just thought I'd drop by and let your know your avvie is super cute! ^w^