List of helpful guides and (pixel art) tutorials (Tutorials)

This is the place where we list (completed) site tutorials.

If you have made a tutorial that you want linked here or have a question about any of them and don't know if the author is still watching it, post here.


Chibi Pixel Doll Dress-Up guides

Tour Around The Site
By Karin and Rose Mouse

Chibi Pixel Oekaki FAQ
By Karin

Chat Box FAQ
By Karin


CSS profile/wiki themes

Profile Styling Guide
By Karin (official site resource)

Custom Blocks How-To Guide
By Rose Mouse


Pixel item tutorials

Hair Tutorial
By Karin (official site resource)

Sleeve Tutorial
By Karin (official site resource)

Paint Tutorial
By Azkhadellia

Back Tutorial
By Chich

Transparency Tutorial
By Chich and Aye

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I've added a new guide: the Chat Box FAQ. Hope it will be helpful to you all!
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