Rose Mouse
Chillin 😎


Hello, I'm Rose Mouse! But you can call me Mouse.
I joined long ago to help create items and moderate the community. After a long time away, I've returned to update my old items and create new ones.
My husband and I live together with our 2 kitties, Pancake and Nugget. We are looking for a new apartment!
I enjoy pixel art and gaming, I love animals, music, journaling and also collecting stationery. My current passion is the alt-fashion Lolita.

Rose Mouse's CPDD Timeline
  • June 12, 2010 - I joined the site.
  • June 26, 2010 - First item was accepted.
  • September 26, 2010 - Became a Moderator.
  • December 23, 2010 - Wrote the initial story for the Xmas event.
  • January 1, 2011 - Got my bunny, Pocket.
  • June 12, 2011 - First year anniversary of the day I joined CPPD.
  • July 3rd, 2011 - Received an amazing gift from my bestest friends!
  • August 2022 - Returned to update old items and make new ones.

Item Ideas
Animal Crossing stuff (Isabelle hair)
Cottage-core set
Regency dresses
Squishy Plushies
Leg warmers
Puffy cropped sweater
Turtle neck sweater
Dumb bells
Workout leggings
Stereo BG
Samurai hakama
Sheathed samurai sword
Men's wear
Spiderman suits

Items to Update
Simple dress
Tea Party sets
Bunny Outfit gloves
Lunar Locks
Striped swimsuit
Checkered hoodie
Harp of Angels
Nyanko sensei

My Love

Birthday:January 1st
Age:12 years
Owner:Rose Mouse
Adopted:January 1st, 2011

Favorite outfits

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Join date:June 12, 2010 (13 years ago)
Profile last edited:November 14, 2022
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Last logged in:September 6
Birthday:July 3 (33 years old)
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January 11, 2013 5:11 (10 years ago)
Thank you!
January 26, 2013 8:15 (10 years ago)
Been a while since I've been on. Nice to see the site improving, it looks a lot cleaner now than it did before. More appealing to look at too. ^^
Elle Xias
February 1, 2013 5:31 (10 years ago)
Hey Mouse, how do you get a scroll bar in a small box?
Ookami Kenran
February 3, 2013 22:56 (10 years ago)
I honestly had the same thoughts, the bottom of the swing annoyed the crap out of me and im not sure how to really fix it XD
February 4, 2013 20:10 (10 years ago)
Yeah, sorry, I fiund it. ^^,
Ookami Kenran
February 7, 2013 10:59 (10 years ago)
Thanks! I asked my sis for a bit of help with the shape, but it came out better than I hoped. ^u^
February 10, 2013 19:14 (10 years ago)
Ah, thanks for the notice! ^^
March 4, 2013 21:43 (10 years ago)
thankies :3
March 6, 2013 18:30 (10 years ago)
Hey Rose Mouse!
Let me know if you want me to help you catch up to our level in SWTOR. I have more time to play than Karin, so I could help you level up if you want. The missions can be challenging all by yourself. And together is much faster.
We'd have to see if we can play at the same time and we probably live in different timezones (I live in the same timezone as Karin: GMT+1).
My second character (Solacis) is still at Typhon so I can find you in no time.
Just leave a message/contact Karin if you're interested ^^
March 10, 2013 18:07 (10 years ago)
I heard that you guys tried the flashpoint mission. I hope we can beat it with the three of us.

I found out that my class (Shadow) can not heal. And since you don't seem to have a preference for a class, it would probably be best if you chose Sage. It will make our team stronger and more versatile (different skills). You don't have to go for the healing skill tree, just go for damage dealing. But you will at least have the healing skill in case of emergencies.
March 11, 2013 13:40 (10 years ago)
Awesome! ^^
See you on Tuesday!
March 12, 2013 12:50 (10 years ago)
If you have a little more time to play before the usual time (which is around 8/9 pm for me and Karin), you can try to get some more exp. I'm not sure if you can choose your new class before you reach level 10.. so it's important that you reach level 10 before you go to the Space Fleet and to the next planet Coruscant. I have time to play, so just leave a message if you have extra time too.
I think you can easily do the Heroics quest by yourself once you have your companion. It's a good place to get some credits and some exp.
March 13, 2013 13:45 (10 years ago)
Let me know when you have time to play, so I can help you catch up!
March 14, 2013 13:35 (10 years ago)
Sure, I can play today. When do you want to play? 12:30 pm your time (mine 9:30 pm) again? Or a bit earlier?
I'll keep checking Chibidoll to see if you left a message!
March 14, 2013 13:43 (10 years ago)
I forgot to tell you that there are some patches to download as well and this will take some time. On top of that you have to 'activate' your character, which requires relogging because it gets stuck.
So don't mind starting off with that if I'm not there yet (starting with anything is fine, we'll just find eachother ingame then).
March 14, 2013 21:13 (10 years ago)
It's after 10 pm my time now; I wasn't planning on staying up too late today.
Let me know if you have time to play on another day.
March 20, 2013 19:15 (10 years ago)
I hope things will change at your work so you won't be so tired all the time. I never wanted to pressure you into playing, I just wanted to help.
Well see you around then!
March 25, 2013 20:25 (10 years ago)
Ouch work overload D: And Karin can usually only play once a week so we're not that far ahead. And we only play evenings so don't worry about getting far behind.
There are double exp weekends (for 2 more weeks I think, you'll probably miss out on those I'm afraid) and my Sith character is almost level 50 now.
March 27, 2013 17:46 (10 years ago)
Don't worry about it, the game isn't made for double-exp weekends, because I still have so many quests to do (for level 44 and up) and I'm already level 49. I'm also behind with my main quest.
Level 50 is the level cap so I won't gain experience after that. But they might raise the level cap to 55 soon, but perhaps not for free to play players like us.
I heard that all current level 50+ quests are unsuitable for free to play players as well, because they require better equipment.
March 28, 2013 18:31 (10 years ago)
I've never played a game with these limitations (most games allow access to a bank, crafting). There are so many that it's a bit funny. It's a good thing that I don't care about having 'the best armor' or crafting it myself. I like the customization of characters and exploring worlds (quests) the most and I could do all of that. It's more fun when you're in a nice group of course.
I found out that the level 50-55 expansion isn't free either. So after I wrap up my main quest I'll call it quits for the dark side.
July 3, 2013 5:03 (10 years ago)
*first one here lol X3*

Happy Birrrrthdayyyyyyyy!!! :DDDDDDDDD <333

My Prezzie for yew :3 lol, i had to downsize it because it was huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge X3
July 3, 2013 13:59 (10 years ago)
Happy Birthday!!! ^^
Ookami Kenran
Message by Karin was deleted
July 15, 2013 23:18 (10 years ago)
Glad you like it :D
Message by Ookami Kenran was deleted
August 17, 2013 1:30 (10 years ago)
Lols love the mc tools XD
August 19, 2013 22:51 (10 years ago)
Aww yeah you could have the shears, even the blocks themselves :o and DIAMOND ARMORRR (epic) XD
Message by BikerChic was deleted
December 19, 2013 19:16 (9 years ago)
I saw the news, congratulations! ^w^
Ookami Kenran
December 22, 2013 0:13 (9 years ago)
Oh my, congratulations! I wish you the best of luck! <3
December 23, 2013 10:42 (9 years ago)
Congrats, and all the best to you both!
December 29, 2013 17:53 (9 years ago)
Congratulations! :D
wish you'll have a lot of happiness together! :D

p.s. you're look so cute!
and i simply love your ring and your nails! >w<
January 12, 2014 21:26 (9 years ago)
결혼 축하해요!!!!!!!ㅋㅋㅋ
Congratulations Rose Mouse! I wish you best in the world!
Message by Kawaii Chup-chup was deleted
July 3, 2015 14:10 (8 years ago)
It says it's your birthday! Congratulations! :D
Message by Plague_Genie was deleted
Message by Ookami Kenran was deleted
July 3, 2020 13:11 (3 years ago)
Happy birthday!!! :D
Ookami Kenran
July 3, 2020 16:21 (3 years ago)
Happy birthday!
Message by Ookami Kenran was deleted
July 3, 2022 4:25 (15 months ago)
Miss having you on the site, happy birthday! <3
Ookami Kenran
August 23, 2022 2:36 (13 months ago)
Welcome back!!! ^u^ <3
Ookami Kenran
August 23, 2022 18:24 (13 months ago)
Oh, I love that avi, btw! Super cute~
Ookami Kenran
August 24, 2022 1:17 (13 months ago)
I'm flattered you think my art is stellar! >///< <3
Ookami Kenran
August 26, 2022 3:33 (13 months ago)
Can you recolor the blue gloves (ask Ali) and do a dark brown version, please? >///<;;;

I think the yellow are perf tho, because they remind me of leather work gloves! >///< <3<3<3
Ookami Kenran
September 4, 2022 0:43 (13 months ago)
Cute theme! Let me know if you need any help selecting anything!~ ^w^
Ookami Kenran
September 4, 2022 3:10 (13 months ago)
I also sometimes struggle with palettes... Colorhexa can be very helpful too! ^w^ Awesome job utilizing your tools!
Ookami Kenran
September 9, 2022 22:36 (12 months ago)
I LOVE blue! ^w^ <3
Ookami Kenran