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hi im BlackApple
I LIKE RAINBOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Amanda
Age: 15
Height: 5.1 feet
B-Day: oct,17
Location: Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Bf?: yes and we are really happy!!!!!!!
e-mail me ?:
MSN: yes

Join date: September 4, 2008
Birthday: ?
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Ur scarf IS awesome!
You have amazing items!!!
X3 I wuv ya lots XD
XP hello fellow rainbow lover!! XD
Raiinbow Panda
Do I have right to make a plain black skirt from your one?
BlackApple's skirts are just like my school girl skirts, Aye, I can add a black one if you want.

And BlackApple, some of your items are incompatible with the new poses and will be taken off. They are your emo shirt, butterfly, dragon and gothic wings. Your emo dress looks a little awkward with the "arms up" pose. Once you fix them they'll be put back up. Instructions can be found in the Sleeve Tutorial. I may try to fix your gothic wings and emo dress myself. Good luck!
Gothic wings and emo shirt fixed. The rest is out of my league, though.
loved your items!
Captain grvl
I really love your items. I'm trying to make my avatar look like me each day... But I mostly wear skinny jeans, and I can't find any of them...
i <3 your emo dress
i love the skirt on it!
thx 4 da items btw they're really good
i love the sneakers and stockings!
GREAT ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for creating the sneakers. :)
I love this scarf :P , thanks for making it , im new here , and it is like my fave item so far :D
[NPC] Takun