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Hello and welcome to my profile! I am the Elf Princess Eleanora Hoshi, but you can just call me Ella. I tend to disappear from websites and then randomly reappear a few weeks or months later... Not my fault! Not only do I have random distractions, but I've been very busy with work and school. Can't wait for summer break so I can get back to working on art projects instead of school ones.

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I might make items every once in a while, but I won't be able to take any requests.

Currently Working on for the Site: Nothing

Items Made for the Site:
1. Bikini Set:
~-~Black, Dark Blue, Red, Dark Purple, Light Purple, & Light Green~-~
2. Elemental Hair Series:
~-~Water Set, Wind Set, Fire Set, & Earth Set~-~

Avatar Art Made For Me

Made by my best friend, Soryko.

Join date: September 24, 2008
Birthday: ?
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Eleanora Hoshi was last seen on April 23, 2011 (8 years ago)

What happened?!

All the rest of your hair looks really good.

Stop slacking!


But seriously, go back to doing good hair >=3>
Aw come on, you can't give up!

You've done all the elemental hair here, you can't just let someone else take it.
I was just talking about the hairline, I have nothing against magma. Maybe you should redo it when you feel more like it. Making items should be enjoyable!
It was creeping me out too, thats why I just got rid of it~ xD
Thank you.
It's no good compared to other submitted items, so no one uses it much. x"P I think?
And I love the hairs you made, too.
They're REALLY beautiful~ x'3
Edea Sorceress
Um, maybe you're right. >3<
Yeah, Waltz did say something about it, but then Az and other people think it's fine. x"P Though I think if there were some kind of notification to let the members know, it would be nice. x"P

Are you gonna make any hairs soon? >x< *pokes the Wind hair* x'3
Edea Sorceress
I will admit. I think the one side is a tad too fat, but it works.

You did a good job.

But... uuuh... I'm really looking forward to seeing your new hairs... D; Maybe... Light/Dark? ;3;
*pokes the other elemental hairs*
They're so beautiful~
A pixel artist's block of sorts...? OwO
Edea Sorceress
Owo... *smacks self*
I'll really need to see that. D8
Hm... yeah. ; ;
But... they don't have to be element hair style~
I mean... they can be something else~ D;
Electricity hair. 8D
I know, I know. ;3;

I love the Wind set most~ x'3
*glomps the Wind set*

Oh... D;
That happens. Especially when you've done so many arts at the same time. All you need is a little break, then ideas will come back to you. x'P *glomps*
I think the Fire set is fine. Owo It's good~
I love the short version. x"P
Edea Sorceress
Hm... *imagines*
It seems cool to me. 8D
Or it can be like the Fire hair, just... going up? 8D

Um~ x'3 You sure will~
And edit...? So you mean you've already got some that you haven't submitted yet? 8D *drools*
And yeah. x"P
It's unique and beautiful~
Plus, it suits the Fire style. ;3
Edea Sorceress
But the Elec hair can go up, too. ="x
And you can make the hair look like spikes go every direction. D8 And you can make it really long the lower part... x"<

Nah. Don't be discouraged by it. Karin is probably focusing on the Halloween items at the moment. x"P *glomps*
I think the hairs are okay now. ="P
They should be accepted this time.

Edea Sorceress
Yay. xD
Sorry I left out your wings. o3o
I didn't feel like adding em lol.
Oh uh. o3o
She said thank you, and then I said your welcome.
then she asked how I was.
I said good, how are you?
Then I said in Japanese that I only speak a little Japanese. xDD But it turned into symbols all the sudden loll.