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BAAA!!!Welcome to my Profile!! ouo
I'm really not good at expressing myself through words so I express myself through drawings and the way I dress... orz

I'm 16 my inspiration is music, books, random things that pop up in my mind and the reality of life...

thats all for now
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Thank you ! For encouraging me to pixel C:
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Updates coming soon so hang in there :3

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Birthday: January 10
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Thanks Barbie ^^ Your avatar is really cute!
Rose Mouse
that third pixel looks really cool :DD luv your sneakers btw
thank you~ ^^
Happeh B-Day. :P
Happy Birthday C:
Pink Rose
ur welcome, i luv all of your pixels, you draw like a pro *thumbs up from me to you*
Pink Rose
Your profile looks sweet, literally XD ; ice cream and cakes but, I love it. So, so cute.
Pink Rose
what color do you like ? just curious though
Pink Rose
I must admit your getting really good in drawing especially the first one (near to you avi)
Pink Rose
wear did u get your cute clothes??? i am new
nice profile...
Thank you..
Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday! :D <3
Happy birthday. o3o