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Hello Everyone, welcome to my Profile page.

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Birthday: March 27
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I guess...
Ookami Kenran
it makes sense .__.
I'm kind of stupid ^^;
Captain grvl
your profile is even more colorful now *.*
Captain grvl
Ookami Kenran
Hey :) Could you change your profile? Its burning my eyes @///@
oooo nice :O
I rejected the hair that Chich loaded for you, because now you know how to upload, and the bangs and shading, or lack there of, bothered me.

Fix and I will add.
If you ask Chich for it I'm sure he still has it and can send it to you.
you changed your profile again!

are you in love?
Captain grvl
just a crush, uh?
Captain grvl
*jumps out suddenlly* YAGH!!!
Ookami Kenran
hey nice profile, u gotta couple o nice pics too. cool!
u r wierd
hey! you are awesome at drawing! ^^
shinra suki
Morbid_Angel How Will i Find The Music