Character description for Morphine

So my name is Morphine.
I am 21.
I like wild colorful haiirrr.
And I have a weird obsession with pixeling weird hair.

I absolutely loooooveee Gore, Horror, and the Paranormal.

Join date: January 3, 2011
Birthday: November 25
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Morphine was last seen on October 8, 2011 (7 years ago)

Welcome to the site Morphine!
I hope to see you around often!
If you have any questions, feel free to leave them on my profile.
Rose Mouse
Making items I see! Shall I give you upload access to the submission page then?
I can see you're the new artist!Congrats!
Raspberry GURL
wow. I guess we are both alike, I LOVE WEIRD COLORFUL HAIR. XD
Of course you can! The artist can always update their items with another version they like better.
I think it looks better now. As long as it looks like the way it looks was intended.
Aww, I reserve items for events sometimes when I think there's so pretty they deserve to be a prize instead of being free like ordinary items. But if you don't want that I'll go make them available when I get the chance, they're your items after all.