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Name: Mitsu
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Argh. So sorry, Ran... seems I ran off to a certain blog I follow without bothering to see if I was still in the Chat Box.
*bonks self on head for stupidity*

Tablet fail, huh? It happens (or so I guess - I don't have one, but my brother does; he'd know how to troubleshoot their failings far better than I).
Thank you Ran!
I posted pictures in the Discussion box!
Rose Mouse
Thanks! Sorry I don't come around that much.
I'm a slave to my job and when I'm home all I can manage to do is be a vegetable!
Rose Mouse
Hi! Your pretteh :3 I love your items and your profile... Do you like cherry blossom/sakura trees? I like your chatbox
Oh yes please!Please can you code mine? please!!! Thanks!!
Hi!! Can you code mine? Btw whats a code?
Kawaii Chup-chup
Happy birthday! :3
Happy birthday Ran!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 8D best wishes!
Happy Birthday <3
Happy Birthday!
Would you be up for a 1x1 Wolf RP?
Elle Xias
Sorry didn't see your message.

Saffron is an elf with maybe a bit of drow blood but my DM didn't allow that. The last time we played must have been almost a year ago. The DM plays hockey nowadays in his spare time which is his way of meeting girls I guess. Ah that dice syntax is great indeed I should make that.

My oldest child is going to school now and the youngest is starting to talk and throw tantrums lol

Site's been quiet and empty. I still believe in it though!
Ooh! You made a pretty new profile! Are you hosting your images on imgur now?

Sure, you can talk to me about the CSS anytime