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Thanks guys! Thank you for all of the birthday wishes, it was a good 14th indeed. ^_^
HAPPY BDAY~!! <3 sorry i'm SUPER LATE I didn't know it was your BDAY T-T T-T T-T i'm sorry GB will you forgive me~?
i'll make you a gift wait a day or 2 ^^
btw where did you get your bow~?
Np Good brother~ ^^
& Thanx xD & have a Merry Christmas (soon) btw~ ^^
Hi Pudding! I really like your outfit
Merry Christmas
I see, thank you for informing me, I'll re-upload it okay ^_^
Pink Rose
Thanks!! :D

And that sounds like an awesome idea!
Thanks for the birthday wish!
Who's that in the picture? Your new Italian boyfriend?
Happy birthday Puddy Poop lol.
Happy birthday!
Hi! I like your avi! ;3 too nice :3
Oh Pudz, silly you. You must be thinking of the CC down the street who owns all those places. I own the marshmellow making factory a couple blocks away. I should probably give you a tour. Even though I don't own those places, it is the real me that stops forest fires because I am a firefighter if you didn't know. I also do not have a sister named GiGi. That is the other CC's sister. And I do, sometimes, get the words message and massage mixed up. I have also used glue before. And thats too bad about you watch and your sticky situation. Have you ever gotten gum in your hair? I have. My sister, LeeLee, stuck a big wad of gum in my hair one day and I had to cut it out. It was horrible. That is all I have to say my dear Pudz.
Pudding it's your birthday, happy birthday Pudding!
Next time you're on, you're next! I want to do your profile.~ ^u^ <3
Ookami Kenran