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Hey, guys, it's been a while. I guess I really did become too busy to continue with this site, and as adorable and lovely as it is, I know I'll only have less and less free time as time goes on. Which is pretty terrible, yeah. I did make some wonderful friends on here though, and I don't know, maybe I'll come back one day. But, for now, goodbye to you all<3

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Birthday: August 11
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Omg, I love your profile. Is it ok if i make mine similar? like, I'd change the colors & bg n stuff.
Ookami Kenran
Very annoying, but after a while you get used to it. ouo

Much. (:

I may do that soon, good idea!
Never done chibi ones before though, so I'll have to practice.

How have you been?
Thanks, i wish i got more ideas for cute things more often. x3
Thanks! ^^
Ookami Kenran
<i>I'm actually doing you one as we speak! C:
Unless you wanted me to work from a photo?

Aw I'm sorry to hear that. ;A;
I hope you feel well soon.

I'm just very, very cold. Even with the heating on tis so freezing.

I'm not too bad though, still down from having my best friend give up on me, but I'll get over it soon.
Hii Kara. I just wanted to say I love every single item you made <3 That's all, hehe.
Merry Christmas Sakura!

Click to open! ^^
Ookami Kenran
Awesome I'm on the "Awesome List" Thx C:
Whenever I see your profile I imagine my dream bedroom, your profile looks cute :D
Pink Rose
where'd you get the potion your holding(hand held item), from what event you've got it ?
Pink Rose
-stares at you with big puppy dog eyes-

Can i be on your awesome list? ill dwaw you a picturrr
Been a while. Are you still on here?
yayyys!~~~ ^^

I completely forgot about that, and that depends on which one. My guy best friend, not that's not doing well, but my girl best friend, things have been going good with her. :]

And how've you been recently?
the ppgz shoes are nice. :)