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I'll try to fix my items (if anyone wears them) as soon as I decide to go back to a PC.

Name: Lauren
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Location: United States

Favorite TV Shows:
Doctor Who, Torchwood, Beautiful People, Merlin, Being Human, Doc Martin
Favorite Books:
His Dark Materials, Bartimaeus Trilogy, Artemis Fowl, Bucking the Sarge
Favorite Singers:
John Barrowman, Jonas & Plunkett, Celtic Thunder, Stephen Lynch

Other Hangouts:
GaiaOnline (WickedFabala), Youtube (WickedFabala)

Join date: October 12, 2008
Birthday: ?
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Sure, you can always edit my items. But it will have to be very good or I won't add it.
umm, Ohaiyogozaimasu = 'Good morning'. Not 'Thank you'. ^^;;

Arigato gozaimasu = 'Thank you'.

They both have 'gozaimasu', so i can see where you got confused.
Thank you for the welcome~!~<3
Re Pyper
^^ lol. just needed a refresher?
wow u have some really good items.. i salute you, sir! XP
WICKED new pixel stuff. o.o
Hi, next time you submit items that have white in them, could you choose a different background color before making it transparent so we don't end up with transparent snowballs please?
yea but it didn't get accepted though. it wasn't "pixelated" enough
Hello :3
You made the calabash-shaped gourd, rite, RITE? ><
It's based on Gaara's, rite, RITE? ><
Though Karin took it off because of its incompatibility with poses. D'x
So... ><
Please edit it, please please please~
Edea Sorceress
You're online!!!! You're online!!!!
Edea Sorceress
Hi there~ >3<
Owo Now you mention it... Karin didn't tell you~!!! >3< I guess she forgot then~ ;3; [Can't blame her, 'cause she has so many people to inform... ;3;]
It's okay~ >3<
I'll wait~ x"3
Your coming back is good enough already. >3<
['Cause I thought you would never come here again... ;3;]
Edea Sorceress
It's okay~
You'll find a good program soon~ x'3
Then I'll make you work till you're dead. >D Muahaha~!!!

I'm a PC user~ I used to have photoshop and Corel... but the virus attacked and messed the programs up... ;3; Now I only have paint left... ;3;
Edea Sorceress
Uh, no, I just realized it made no sense to reply on my own profile. >>;

I'm a girl, not a guy, and right now I only have a shop on Solia.