Yuki Momomiya

Hi Hi PEOPLE 0>.<0 (Please Comment and be kind Nyan~)

Yuki Momomiya is my OC from Tokyo Mew Mew.
Shes the daughter of Ichigo Momomiya and Kisshu.
She is also 9 years old.

Im infused with a cat nya~
~CAT NIP (mama says i cant have to much though TT.TT)
~Aunt Lettuce and Uncle Pai
~Cats (nyan~)
~Sweets <3
~Hide and seek
~Mama and Papa

~Mean people
~Punishment :(
~The dark


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July 16, 2011 2:12 (9 years ago)
Hey there,
Welcome to Chibi Pixel Doll Dress-up!
Any questions you have leave at the Information Booth on the Community page.
Or ask me on my page.
Rose Mouse
July 17, 2011 0:13 (9 years ago)
Friends we shall be :3!!
hows your day :O??
July 17, 2011 6:50 (9 years ago)
ahhh mine is so tiresome >_<
my back hurts.. think ive sat down for too long
was working on a picture for around 4 hours now...
dunno how to color~ spent most of my time doing lineart
July 17, 2011 7:34 (9 years ago)
Thank u!......
July 17, 2011 7:49 (9 years ago)
July 17, 2011 17:48 (9 years ago)
haha! Rika is so cute ♥
I never really saw higurashi though :3
I'm a huge fan of Umineko however *0*
Ah well, my back doesn't hurt anymore, so that's good C:
July 17, 2011 21:18 (9 years ago)
Ah~ I love everyone in Umineko..
Except for Eva-Beatrice, I think she's annoying!
My favorite?? Hmm, not quite sure..
I love everyone!
I dunno why I haven't seen Higurashi yet..
I saw a few episodes the other day though..
July 17, 2011 23:36 (9 years ago)
Haha, I'm watching you now~
I made this deviantart a few weeks ago
my old deviantart is
clicky here
July 18, 2011 1:06 (9 years ago)
well that url direct was really bad >_<
im so bored
spent a while coloring... not finished
still need to shade.. im drawing maria ushiromiya~
you can see the w.i.p. in the toybox thread ♥
July 18, 2011 1:30 (9 years ago)
haha i absolutely love maria.. even though shes creepy sometimes xD
July 18, 2011 2:43 (9 years ago)
ahhh, i didn't say anything Maria
I only said I love you! haha
July 26, 2011 8:15 (9 years ago)
July 27, 2011 7:37 (9 years ago)
Your very welcome!
August 21, 2011 6:25 (9 years ago)
YUUUUUKI where have you been T_T
November 9, 2011 0:53 (8 years ago)
go to the chatbox 8D