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This is -Eternal Snow- A fantasy RP site where you can be anyone or anything you want to be! The setting of this RP is in the waring states era of Japan during a gruesome battle.

The rules are--
-Follow all the rules of the site; you don't want Karin-dono or any of the mods to get mad at you.
-No cussing.
-No spamming. If you want to talk about something other than what's going on in the RP, go somewhere else please. This is a strictly a Role Playing place.
-Please don't join if you hardly ever get on...
-When you want to join, comment my profile, and I'll reply then promptly put your submission below if I accept your character.
-Please use proper grammar, and act like your writhing a story.
-No one liners. We want many words, we want to at least look literate. Also try to avoid two liners. This rule also helps with keeping the plot going.
-Be creative. ^^
-NO character prejudice or assumptions toward breeds or species! It is almost like RACISM.

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Picture: [A picture of this character *Optional]


Name: Hikaru
Gender: Male
Age: Seventeen
Personality: Mature\shy\tender\nice
Rank: Noble
Family: None
Eye color: Hazel
Breed/species: Fox
Other: He tries to find reason and logic in chaos even the most helpless and he is a hopeless romantic.
Picture: [coming soon]

Name: Kenran
User: Ookami Kenran
Gender: Female
Age: 162 (looks young)
Personality: Clam, caring, strong, independent, blunt, and depending on the person loving or harsh.
Rank: Guardian/Wanderer
Family: N/A
Eye color: Ice Blue
Breed/species: Saber-Wolf/Dragon
Other: Kenran has Blond hair and some scars; she is very wise,
Picture: Human form: [soon to come] Wolf form: Dragon form: [soon to come]

Name: Shinra
User: Shinra Suki
Gender: female
Age: 16
Personality: Shy
Family: none
Eye color: blue
Breed/species: Human
Other: has a crush on her traveling companion Shouta
Picture: Coming soon

Name: Shouta
User: Tsuki Shouta
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Personality: Shy and pervy/slightly bold
Family: none
Eye color: blue
Breed/species: Human
Other: ... Not much
Picture: Coming soon

Name: Aliah
User: Roboticsoul
Gender: Female
Age: She stop counting
Personality: Carm and casual.
Family: None
Eye color: Yellow
Breed/species: Eagle
Other: Shes the spirit gardian of the mountains in the area.
Picture: Human:
Eagal form: (Looks like a normaly eagle.)

Name: Roland
User: Lynn727
Gender: Male
Age: 63 (looks 17)
Personality: Roland acts like your normal goof up. You can always find him pulling a prank on innocent by-standers or cracking jokes.
Family: None
Eye color: Pink
Breed/species: Vampire
Other: [none for now]

Name: Shinta
User: Ookami Shinta
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Personality: Bold, fearless.
Rank: Capitan
Family: None
Eye color: Blue
Breed/species: Demon: Saber Wolf/Dragon
Other: None for the moment.
Picture: N/A least for the moment...

Name: Amalthea
User: Minami
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Personality: Though trouble-making, a prankster, and also somehow a delinquent, this girl works hard for her family and loved ones. She stands for what ever she believes.
Rank: Veteran Letter Bee
Family: She has a cousin who was also a Letter Bee.
Eye color: Gray
Breed/species: Tegami Bachi/Letter Bee (basically a human mailperson who defends people and keeps justice wherever they go, and also have magic related powers.)
Other: None for now.
Picture: Maybe some other time.

Name: Okanu
User: Alerano
Gender: female
Age: 17
Personality: slightly shy and sensitive, caring, and energetic
Rank: none
Family: none
Eye color: reddish brown
Breed/species: fox-girl
Other: She has been alone for all her life, all shes known is how to run. As far as she's aware, she was a failed experiment at a laboratory.

Name: Bloom
User: Azumiow1315
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Personality: Kind,Helpful,Sweet,Smart and Active
Rank: Guardian
Eye color: Blue
Breed/species: Angel
Other: Her Father was killed during a war and she was the only hope of the castle so she was sent to earth where she got adopted by an old couple she doesn't know where she came from but promises to protect other people.

Name: Aiz
User: Kimi
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Personality: Very sensitive and works hard for her loved ones.
Rank: Expert Hunter
Family: A long lost younger sister
Eye color: Violet
Breed/species: Glowicle (An angel that returned to Earth. The glowing light surrounding her is very cold that means she was brought back to Earth.)
Other: Aiz is a weak child. She died when she was 11. She was brought back to Earth as a Glowicle.

Name: Yukki
User: Shinra Suki
Gender: male
Age: unknown
Personality: Murderous, sadistic, pervy, malicious, can be caring but rarely
Rank: Expert Hunter
Family: A lover
Eye color: Ice blue
Breed/species: Vampire/Demon
Other: He kills meaninglessly not caring who is hurt by his actions, but is a sucker for small children, only drinks a certain blood type.

Name: Runa
User: Azumiow1315
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Personality: Daydreamer,Active,Sweet,Clumsy and a great guesser on what's for lunch
Rank: Legendary Child
Family:None except her two special pets Mokke and Suneri
Eye color: Brown
Breed/species: Fairy Navigator (A child who has special powers and who is Half Human and Half Fairy Apparently there is only 1 fairy navigator)
Other:Her Mother was a Fairy and Her Father was a Ying Yang Master,She also had a third eye on her neck her parents who knew the legend,"When the girl who has a 3rd eye appears the world shall tremble" so they sealed her eye and entrusted her to an old couple,where she lived a happy life as a human there until her 3rd eye opened,Now she may transform in =to a human form and a Fairy Navigator form
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September 13, 2011 19:17 (11 years ago)
Aliah would've jumped if she hadn't become so used to so many thing in her life being odd, her eyes twinkled in the light, things just got more and more interesting, she closed her eyes and jumped off the twig, transforming as she did so.
Fully transformed she stood and looked down at the now wolf form being, "What exactly are you, being?" she asked curiously.
September 15, 2011 0:26 (11 years ago)
Hikaru fell back at the large saber before him his eyes widening "Y-yeah w-what she said" he asked and his voice trembled.
shinra suki
September 18, 2011 19:37 (11 years ago)
The now saber-wolf Kenran looked at the boy like he was pathetic and turned to speak to the now human eagle saying "I am in the form of a saber-toothed wolf."
Ookami Kenran
September 19, 2011 1:14 (11 years ago)
Aliah giggled slightly, "well i could tell from looking at you, i just wonder how you could so easily turn into human form, its not that easy." she said grinning, she then turned too the small fox, and at a closer look.. "Now aren't you a cutie" she said grinning some more, "Too young for me don't you worry." she added from the look on the young foxes face.
September 21, 2011 22:19 (11 years ago)
"'Easy?'" the wolf repeated. She had been shape shifting since she was young, and it had been easy for her then too. "I guess I just have a gift" Kenran said with a friendly look.
Ookami Kenran
September 25, 2011 23:25 (11 years ago)
Hikaru blushed heavily at the comment shifting into his human form his black bangs falling on one side of his face.
shinra suki
September 26, 2011 23:48 (11 years ago)
A wandering being ran across the mountains, enjoying the wind in her face. She stopped at the sight of a saber-tooth wolf, but then noticed a fox and a human, she figured if those two weren't already dead, then that wolf must be safe. She carefully jumped at the trees with her fox ears in the air and her fox tail wagging. She called out to them. "Hi there!"
September 27, 2011 2:17 (11 years ago)
Kenran watched the boy transform, wondering why he blushed. Then when a little girl's voice sounded, Kenran's ears twitched towards the source of the voice. Seeing the new stranger she thought Another fox? Getting a bit annoyed that a wolf like her would be passing up on so many good meals. She sighed and stood on fours "I'll be taking my leave." Kenran politely told the others with a kind and tender look. Then she strolled off.
Ookami Kenran
September 27, 2011 19:49 (11 years ago)
"For human yes." Aliah said calmly, ignoring the friendly look. As the boy transformed she smiled at him more, another one hey, interesting, cute in human form too, she thought to herself.
She heard a russle in the trees behind her, she turned too see her greet them, "Hello there" she said with a sly smile, another fox?
As the wolf walked off she said gently "Later wolf." she'd lost her fun anyway, and Aliah was more interested in the new character now sitting in the tree.
September 28, 2011 23:48 (11 years ago)
"Well..." Okanu started. "Only half fox. I was a test experiment when I was young but it was a failure." She pointed out her ears and tail but showing she was human everywhere else. She watched the wolf walk away and said. "Hey! I don't even know your name yet! I'm Okanu." She gave the wolf a glowing smile and jumped down from the trees.
September 30, 2011 13:32 (11 years ago)
When Kenran heard the "mutation's" call, she paused, looked back and told her "Kenran" with a kind smile; then she contiued to where she had left her camp.
Ookami Kenran
September 30, 2011 16:38 (11 years ago)
She just looked like any other girl. Just a girl clad in blue and gold. She had a jeweled messenger cap, the golden-colored jewels forming a bee. No doubt, this girl was a Letter Bee.

She continued her walking, quite tired. She was almost about to stop and faint, but she had no time for that. From the Beehive all the way to this valley, she was determined to deliver the package. Apparently, just as she was inspired to go for it, she tripped, delivery flying off, almost hitting the wolf a few steps away from her. This girl was more adapted to fighting Gaichuu (Giant insects covered in jeweled armor, said to be spirit insects that lost their hearts.), not wolves, but she's got to experience meeting one. She stood up and dusted herself. Fixing her cap, she cleared her throat.

"Hey there. Sorry for that. I'm Amalthea, a Letter Bee at your service." Amalthea picked up the package. "Anyways, a wolf wouldn't be hurt by a bunch of letters, yes?" Thea grinned.
October 3, 2011 0:39 (11 years ago)
Kenran watched the messenger girl trip, moving her front paw to avoid getting hit by her precious package. Then she bent down to pick it up by the tie strings. "Isn't this some thing you shouldn't lose?" The wolf's shoulders came up to the girl's shoulders.
Ookami Kenran
October 4, 2011 1:45 (11 years ago)
Hikaru looked at all the new people gathering and blushed more to shy to speak to any of the new girls even Kenran made him nervous. He opened his mouth to speak but closed it again not able to form any words.
shinra suki
October 6, 2011 0:36 (11 years ago)
Okanu looked at Hikaru almost laughing at the fact he was blushing so much. "Whats the matter? Not manly enough to speak?" She giggled.
October 6, 2011 1:10 (11 years ago)
Hikaru closed his eyes tight taking a deep breath "Y-y-yes I am" he said timidly and looked at Okanu then away
shinra suki
October 12, 2011 4:43 (11 years ago)
Bloom was flying because eagles were chasing her
"Help me!!" Bloom cried out as she dodged the eagles suddenly an eagle managed to hit her,It was such a critical hit that Bloom fell to the Ground her fell made a loud sound making all the creatures in the place notice it."This could be last my flight" she giggled as she laid on the ground.
October 12, 2011 9:10 (11 years ago)
Okanu ran over to Bloom in a split second to see what happened. "Are you alright?!" She asked, scared about not knowing what to do.
October 12, 2011 9:15 (11 years ago)
"Ah, yes, ma'am." Amalthea grinned. She bowed to the fox lady. "Thanks for caring." Thea winked. "Like I said, I'm Amalthea. I best be on my way out, I really need to deliver the package." Amalthea saluted. She continued her journey. A few meters away from where Kenran was, she suddenly tripped again, but she was smart enough to hug the package to protect it this time. Thea faced up, finding a girl, half-dead. "Woah, what the..." Amalthea suddenly stood up and got her weapon, some sort of gun. "Shindan!" Thea's left eye turned a flaming gold. "Life Lightning." she shot the sky, causing a lightning storm. The lightning hit the girl, the shock waking her up, and also hitting some of the eagles. "Yah!" she dropped down on her knees, shaking the winged girl. "The lightning only works for those who deserve to live. This girl, could she be deserving?" Amalthea felt the girl's pulse. She smiled and said, "Another success from this Tegami Bachi." The girl happened to be alive, but still not moving.
October 13, 2011 4:44 (11 years ago)
Bloom woke up and saw a fox girl and a Letter Bee she smile and Said "Thank you I'm Bloom".She looked at AlmaThea and said "I would like to thank you for the help you gave me".Then she stood up and said "I feel something".She turned to Okanu and asked "Do you know any Demons here or should I say Saber Wolves?".Bloom was determined someone is going to attack.
October 13, 2011 23:13 (11 years ago)
Kenran was greatly offended about being compared to a demon and spat "I am no demon!" growling. "Who are you to talk down to me?" she angrily asked the winged girl snarling, tail erect, and ears flat.
Ookami Kenran
October 14, 2011 0:36 (11 years ago)
Hikaru stood in front of Kenran and blushed softly "She is nothing like a demon! she is really nice... she saved me earlier!" he argued against Bloom
shinra suki
October 14, 2011 6:18 (11 years ago)
"I didn't mean to say that your a demon I am just scared about demons My father was killed by them and I am the only angel left and My stepfather told me to be safe at all times or else The world would be ruled by evil". Bloom said as she crossed her arms, Then she turned to Kenran she closed her eyes and opened it again she said "I sense this person has a good heart I am very sorry I called you a demon".and she walked a few steps backward and continued " I must fly now My Stepfather could be worried by now".And when she was about to fly someone attacked her she fell down and when she looked at the attacker it was someone similar.
October 14, 2011 16:02 (11 years ago)
"I am a Tenshi my self." Kenran retorted "Similar to Angel, but I have a different job description." she continued sitting down, tail up.
Ookami Kenran
October 15, 2011 3:27 (11 years ago)
Bloom shouted "Kazuma!I knew it was you".Bloom got her sword and flew up inthe air,She stabbed Kazuma and Kazuma disappeard "Easy as Pie".Bloom said as went down,She went Kenran and asked "Wanna visit my house?".
October 18, 2011 17:17 (11 years ago)
Hikaru looked at bloom and blushed softly "C-can I come visit too?" he asked and he sniffed the air "Two people are coming" he said softly and looked at Kenran "Two humans... I wonder if they are nice people..."
shinra suki
October 21, 2011 5:43 (11 years ago)
"Sure you can".Bloom said as she flew to her house when she arrived she saw the house was full of blood.
October 22, 2011 1:59 (11 years ago)
Hikaru's eyes widened and he stopped at the door way gulping and he covered his nose.

A voice came from inside the house, but it was a snicker instead of speaking, the soft snickering turned into a loud roaring laughter and Hikaru whimpered softly backing up a few centimeters.
"T-T-this... scent... I-I know it..."
shinra suki
October 24, 2011 11:06 (11 years ago)
"Who cold have done it?" Bloom asked everyone
October 25, 2011 0:24 (11 years ago)
Kenran was on guard, and in her human form, because of the smell of blood, she had her hands ready to draw her katana "I don't know," Kenran replied to Bloom, "but they're in for an a-- woopin'." she finished growling.
Ookami Kenran
October 28, 2011 13:11 (11 years ago)
Aiz felt she was dead. But no. "W-w-what happened?" She said, but no one was there to answer.
October 30, 2011 17:24 (11 years ago)
Yukki walked into view an evil smile curling his lips up and he looked through his blond bangs blood covering his clothes and hands.
"Who could have done it? What a tedious question to ask." He took a step toward Hikaru and Hikaru flinched backwards falling on his butt, "Well, well, well look at the fox from before... I still don't know how you escaped me before, but you won't escape again" He stepped closer and Hikaru was petrified.
shinra suki
October 31, 2011 2:41 (11 years ago)
Kenran jumped in front of the trembling boy on the floor and with her katana drawn pointed it at the blonde.
"You'll have to get through me first." she told the blonde growling.
Ookami Kenran
November 5, 2011 1:44 (11 years ago)
Yukki laughed softly disappearing from view for a split second the next he was back in his place Hikaru over his shoulder kicking and screaming.
"Put me down!" he screamed, but Yukki only laughed more at his feeble attempts to escape.
shinra suki
November 10, 2011 9:12 (11 years ago)
Bloom came in and asked "What have you done to my parents?!" she was really mad and pointed her sword to Yukki and told him "If you won't tell me what you did to them I'll kill you RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW".
November 12, 2011 2:45 (11 years ago)
Okanu could barely speak at the scene going on, but she hurried to Bloom's side. "If you kill him Bloom, then he wont be able to tell you what happened to them." She whispered. "By the way, how did you do that? Who are you?" She asked the boy.
November 12, 2011 9:29 (11 years ago)
Bloom replied to Okanu "I mean't if he won't tell me then I'll kill him." Then she face Yukki angrily.
November 13, 2011 4:11 (11 years ago)
Yukki sighed softly "So noisy..." he replied to them "Regarding your parents... I thought I smelled something sweet and it turned out nothing was here for me." he gripped Hikaru's lower back so he would stop kicking.
"Let me go Yukki!" Hikaru screamed, but Yukki didn't listen.
"I guess the trip wasn't a total waste though... I mean I got my little Hikaru back" he teased and licked his lips grabbing Hikaru's wrist that he was trying to hit Yukki with and licked it softly as well "I can't wait to get you back." his fangs lengthened and his bit Hikaru's wrist making him whimper in pain.
shinra suki
November 16, 2011 9:41 (11 years ago)
"Hey! Stop doing that to Hikaru you Dirty Biter!!" Bloom shouted angrily and kicked Yukki's butt then all of sudden she saw a 10 year old girl's moving she ran over to her and turned to Yukki and said "At least there's one person alive" she carried the girl's body outside.
November 16, 2011 18:15 (11 years ago)
Yukki glared at Bloom letting go of HIkaru's wrist on to pat the dirt of his butt and rub it slightly.
"Well that was uncalled for..." he snorted and Hikaru blushed heavily.
"Y-Yukki will you put me down now?" he asked in a sweet voice which made the vampire smile.
"Only if you promise not to run away anymore" Hikaru sighed softly and nodded in defeat, Yukki in turn put him down and Hikaru stayed right next to him "lets go check on that girl now shall we?" he asked Hikaru didn't argue.
shinra suki
November 17, 2011 9:45 (11 years ago)
"Thank God she's still alive" Bloom said as Yukki and Hikaru went out, the Girl opened her eyes and saw Bloom "Who are you?" she asked "I'm Bloom" Bloom replied "What is you name?" the girl answered "Runa.." Bloom smiled and asked "What happened to you Runa?" Runa then suddenly remembered Mokke and Suneri she stood up but when she saw Yukki she angrily transformed in to her Fairy Navigator Form(
She shouted "What did you do to Mokke and Suneri?!