Travelling Chronicles - RP
A non-stop fun adventure across the lands and seas! (Roleplay)

Hi and welcome to my newest role play!


This roleplay is.... still open! >3>


This role play is about travelers who go to all sorts of places and make all sorts of friends, its also full of monsters! In a fantasy themed world. :3


2: No cursing, gore, and nudity.
3: Pictures are allowed.
4: No talking about anything unrelated to the rp, if you have something to say, comment on my profile.
5: You may have as many characters as you want, just try not to go overboard. XD

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Name: (name of character)
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Age: (age of your character)
Special Ability: (a special power for your character, eg: time manipulator or something)
Personality: (how your character acts)
Bio: (the life of your character)
Weapon: (what your character uses to fight)
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Name: Emelia
Age: 18
Special Ability: Turns into a mermaid whenever she goes into water.
Personality: Kind, gentle, sensitive, and can get very snippy when annoyed.
Bio: She grew up in a rich family, but her father died when she was 15, not long after, her mother grew ill and died too, she wants to become a doctor to cure diseases such as the ones that killed her parents. She researched a lot of medical books and has experienced making medicines.
Weapon: Bow and arrow.
Picture: Click

Name: Flora
Age: 14
Special Ability: Her hat turns into a flower when she pours special water on it, she can also manipulate plants making them grow etc.
Personality: Bright and cheerful, always active and running around, can be very stubborn at times.
Bio: Flora's parents were against her becoming a traveling flower merchant, so she left home and became one anyway, because it was her lifelong dream to sell all kinds of flowers and around the world.
Weapon: Plants.
Picture: I drew this myself X3

Name: Amiah
Age: 11
Special Ability: Can summon animals and communicate with them.
Personality: Jolly, nice, kind, sweet, and helpful.
Bio: Abandoned by both parents, Amiah lives in a forest with her friend animals.
Weapon: Magical bow and arrow.
Picture: (N/A)

Name: Snow
Age: 12
Special Ability: She can control time and freeze things by thinking some 'thoughts of wisdom' that her grandma taught her.
Personality: Active and has a good sense of humor that can bright up a fellow adventurer's day. When she was young, she was the most gifted child of her family.
Bio: Snow was left at her grandparent's house after she was born because her parents was surprised that her eyes looked different. When she grew up, her grandma taught her 'thoughts of wisdom.' When she was 12, her grandparents died and so she escaped and had an adventure of her own.
Weapon: An ice scythe.
Picture: N/A, but here's a description.

- Snow white hair
- Blue eye on the left side
- White eye on the right side with a blue star on it
- Fair skin
- 4'11
- Blue scarf
- White dress
- Blue gloves
- Blue and white leggings
- Blue sneakers with a white star on the right side

Name: Hotaru
Age: 13
Special Ability: UNKOWN
Personality: Afraid of almost anything and everything, if she gets really angry, something bad will happen.
Bio: When Hotaru was 3, scientists found that she was unlike any other child and had extreme hidden potential in magical power. They wanted to conduct experiments to turn her into a weapon but her parents wouldn't let them, so the scientists used force and destroyed Hotaru's parents..And half of her hometown. They took her into custody and locked her in a dungeon, they conducted experiments trying to unlock her potential and brainwash her into believing they were good guys trying to do the world good. Hotaru knew better...10 years later the research facility was destroyed, A group of adventurers were against these scientists and had finally taken action. One adventurer in particular came to save the 13 year old Hotaru, and he disappeared into the night. Ever since that day Hotaru has been traveling the world in search of her hero, and to become a great adventurer to show him that his efforts were not in vain.
Weapon: Wooden Staff She found in the research facility
Picture: N/A

Name: -Currently Unkown-
Age: unknown
Special Ability: Elemental manipulations and can talk to animals.
Personality: Quiet, lonely, gentle, and quick to move.
Bio: lost in history.
Weapon: She carries a katana.
Picture: Description: This mysterious wanderer has long blonde hair, kept mostly in a ponytail, ragged & knotted from improper showers. Her old green kosode and white hakama ragged and weather stained. Her 5'3 height isn't much to speak for, but her beautiful blue eyes that have subtle flakes of gold around the iris. Her skin is soft and scared, and her hands and feet are callused.
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July 17, 2012 11:55 (10 years ago)
[i]going out on a journey? hmm not bad[/i]

[i]Amiah was just sitting on a tree branch thinking what would be the world outside the forest when suddenly her friend,Feathers,an eagle,accedentally bump amiah"s head Feathers?? why cant you just fly properly its like the 20th time you bump my head today .Oh sorry Amiah I did not mean it anyway what are you thinking of its like your thinking of something really big?Oh? so its obvious? Yeah,Duh its not like your gonna sit in that branch for more than one hour anyway what are you thinking of? I am thinking of going to a "journey".Woah!! that is big Amiah, anyway can I come?Sure no problem[i]Amiah Said Delightfully[/i]And so Amiah packed her clothes for the journey,Packed some berries,and her magical bow and arrow.And then Amiah traveled out of the forest and happened to arrived in a town nearby Woah!! it sure is crowded in here.Then suddenly Amiah bumped into a girl, a Floral Girl?? then began to asked directionsOh hi there umm could you give me an idea on where is the nearest inn?Amiah said to the girl, err Floral Girl.
July 18, 2012 5:51 (10 years ago)
There should be an inn around here somewhere...

Flora looked at the interesting girl with a bird by her side. "Good question." She said. "I haven't got the slightest clue, in fact, I've been looking for one for the past 2 hours." Flora looked around it circles then turned her head back to the girl. "Do you want to look for it with me? Two pairs of eyes has gotta be better than one." Flora said with a smile. "I'm Flora by the way. I sell flowers, so I guess you'd call me a florist."

A town and a weapon at last!

Emelia was getting tired of walking, and sat down for a rest. Little did she know a monster was headed her way, it ran to Emelia and attacked! "Aahhh!" She screamed. Emelia got up quick and ran for her life, the monster was fairly fast, and Emelia couldn't run for too long. She ran and ran, and then tripped over something! The monster was closing in, and Emelia looked down and saw she had tripped over a bow. She picked it up and also a stick nearby, Emelia pulled hard on the bow and WHAM! She hit the monster and sent it running back into the wilderness. Emelia rested for 10 minutes and went back on her feet. She walked and walked, and as the day went by, the sun was setting, and finally Emelia saw the town she was looking for. She had a quick look around, and got some food. She soon bumped into the inn, so she got a room and went to sleep.
July 19, 2012 11:41 (10 years ago)

Sure no problem in fact Feathers,here could help us Ok Feathers look for the nearest inn and feathers flap his wings and look for an inn.

July 29, 2012 3:41 (10 years ago)
I'm almost there...

"I'm pretty sure there's a town near here, somewhere." Snow said, who was not losing confidence that she could find a inn to rest in. While walking, she got a small energy bar from her body bag, and opened the wrapper. After opening it, she ate it and kept the wrapper at her pocket. While walking, she met another girl, who was walking to an apple tree nearby to collect them. Snow walked to her and smiled. "Hello, is there a town nearby?" She asked. "Yes, there is. You must be tired, there is an inn there, not that far from here." The girl said. Snow thanked her and continued walking. "Finally," She thought, seeing the inn. "I'd be able to rest."
July 29, 2012 4:40 (10 years ago)

after a couple of minutes Feathers come back with good newsgood news Amiah theres an inn just south of here now come and follow meFeathers said happily
July 29, 2012 6:28 (10 years ago)
Finally, some rest.

Snow went inside of the inn and found a girl who was listing people who were scheduled to use some of the rooms. She walked to her and smiled. "I'm Snow, and I'm tired, so I need a room." She said. The girl smiled back and said, "It's all free if you're an adventurer." Snow nodded. "Alright, I'll lead you to your room." The girl said and lead Snow to a door decorated with flowers upstairs.
September 4, 2012 3:22 (10 years ago)
Found it!

"Alright!" Flora said to Amiah. "Lets get going!" She started walking south, looking up at the bird in front of her. It didn't take long, only a few minutes and she reached the inn with a grin on her face. Flora waltzed through the door and said to the attendant, "Hiya!~ I'm an adventurer and I'd like a room please." She said, sounding very joyful. "Ah, right this way then please!" The girl said, leading the way. When Flora entered her room it was wonderful, potted plants and flowers decorated everywhere! "There's only a few rooms decorated like this, I thought you'd like this one because it seems that you like flowers." The attendant said, with a smile on her face. "I love flowers more than anything!" Flora said. "I can tell that these are fake ones though, its a good idea to decorate with fake flowers, then they never die and can still keep the room nice and colorful!" Flora grinned at the sights. "Thank you for the room, I think its about time I go to bed, I'm exhausted!" She laid down on the fluffy bed and stretched her arms wide. "Have a nice sleep!" The attendant said, closing the door and returning downstairs.
February 2, 2013 4:37 (9 years ago)
Emelia / Hotaru
Dawn of the next day...
Emelia awoke early in the morning and set out of the adventurer's hotel. She got some supplies and got ready to leave for the next town. Before going she went to the local bookstore, hoping to find a book on plants and herbs around that area. "Hmm...There should be something around here that would make good medicine..." Emelia thought to herself.

Outside the town, not too far away, was a 13 year old girl, so exhausted from her travels she was ready to collapse. Hotaru had spent 10 years in a research facility and she didn't get all too much exercise, so she was rather unfit. Hotaru couldn't walk anymore, after a 4 day journey she collapsed about 5 minutes away from the nearest town.

Emelia was packed and ready to go, food, books, all her supplies packed in her bag. "I hope this lasts a while..I'm almost out of money..." She said to herself. Emelia left the town and started another long walk to the next one, it didn't take long, but she soon came across the collapsed 13 year old Hotaru. Emelia gasped, worried terribly. "Are you okay!?" She bent down to look at Hotaru, and checked for any wounds. "Oh my...You haven't had anything to eat for days, your face is pale, you don't look good at all!" Emelia tried to lift the girl and carry her back to the town she had just left. "Don't worry, I'll help you." It was a good thing the town was only 5 minutes away, Emelia isn't very strong.

Hotaru awoke in a bed inside a doctor's clinic. "Where...where am I..?" She said, looking around whilst feeling sluggish. "You're very lucky miss," Said the doctor looking back at her. "You were brought in here by an adventurer who just happened to walk past you in your state." Hotaru looked at the doctor. "Who was this adventurer?" She asked, hoping it was the boy who had saved her in the not so distant past. "She was a young woman, she went to get some food for you, and should be back soon." The doctor replied.
June 14, 2013 16:37 (9 years ago)
~ the nameless one ~

~ * ~ A nameless blonde wanderer was walking down the road on a beautiful blue sky day. As she was looking up, taking note of the sun, she noticed an eagle. He's headed somewhere... She thought, knowing the flying patterns of many birds. Continuing down the road she though I must be getting close to a city... Sure enough the signs became more and more obvious until it was right in her face. She stopped just short of the city's welcome sign. "Greensboro"...what do you hold in store for me...

~ * ~ The night before she had hunted with her wolf brothers to bring down an elk. All she took for herself was on of the rack of rib of the once living beast. after she broke it free she did what needed to be done to keep it for another night & stuffed it with her other belongings. I just need to find a place to sleep and cook my dinner... she though then set out to look for an inn.

~ * ~
Ookami Kenran
June 15, 2013 4:45 (9 years ago)

As Hotaru sat waiting in the doctor's clinic, Emelia finally returned with the food Hotaru needed. "Thank you..." Hotaru said, with a faint smile. After hearing that Emelia was not the male adventurer she was looking for, she had not given up hope, and so asked, "Do you... Know of any boy adventurers..?" Emelia looked at her a little bit sideways. "Even though you're clearly very discriptive on that, I'm afraid I don't know anyone at all." "Oh..." Hotaru replied, looking a little down. After Hotaru had finished her meal she got up and left the clinic with Emelia, thanking the doctor as she walked out the door. "Do you.. Um.. Mind if I come with you?" Hotaru asked Emelia. "Sure, but I'll be going lots of places." She replied. "That's okay!" Hotaru said, "I'm looking for someone." "Ah, you mean the 'male adventurer'?" Emelia giggled.

The two girls started walking through the town of Greensboro, enjoying just a few more sights before they left for the next town, and Hotaru had enough money to buy a map, which Emelia had forgotten. The day was nearing an end, the sun was setting, and people were returning to their homes. Meanwhile Emelia spotted someone in the distance, and dragged Hotaru over to a blonde girl. "Hi there, you look lost, are you looking for anything?" Emelia said, putting out her hand as a sign of friendship.
June 17, 2013 20:17 (9 years ago)
~ the nameless one ~

~ * ~ "Hi there, you look lost, are you looking for anything?" She almost didn't stop, but when she realized they really were talking to her, she had to blink a couple times to make sure she wasn't imagining things.
~ * ~ "Uh..." she started, reaching out to accept the hand shake. "No... I'm not lost. Just need an in w/ a grill. Where are you girls headed?"

~ * ~
Ookami Kenran
June 18, 2013 3:57 (9 years ago)

"No...I'm not lost. Just need an in w/ a grill. Where are you girls headed?" The blonde girl asked. "Oh we're on our way back to the inn, if my memory serves there's a room there with a fireplace, would that be good enough?" Emelia replied, putting her hand to her head trying to remember. "Follow us and we'll take you there!" She finished. Emelia was unusually friendly, but then again having no friends in her life she probably wanted to start making some. Hotaru on the other hand was still very shy, she never said a word to the girl and just hid behind Emelia.
June 19, 2013 21:24 (9 years ago)
~ the nameless one ~

~ * ~ "What kind of fire place? An open one, or one under a mantle in the wall?" the nameless blonde asked. Could you tell me the price?. She was kind enough, but seamed to rather keep to herself.

~ * ~
Ookami Kenran
June 21, 2013 0:14 (9 years ago)

"I'm not sure, you'll have to ask the receptionist. And if you're an adventurer its free." Emelia replied to the girl. "By the way, what's your name? I'm Emelia. She asked, putting on a friendly smile.
June 23, 2013 4:28 (9 years ago)

As Emelia and Hotaru started walking south towards the inn, Emelia looked back at the nameless wanderer, and behind her something was creeping up.. Emelia's face turned showed shock, and she quickly shouted: "Look out!" She pulled her bow from behind her back and swiftly shot an arrow at a bandit which was not far from the blonde girl, and had a knife ready to stab her.