Custom Item Workshop
Can't pixel? No problem! Suggest or request items here. (Pixel Art)

So you might not be good at doing pixel art, but that doesn't mean that your ideas can't be made into items. This is the place to share your ideas for items, or even make a request from established artists.

Now, I have but only two rules, so please read and follow them.

{1} - I cannot stress this enough: BE SPECIFIC
Doodle on paper, link reference pictures, make color charts, whatever it takes to get your ideas across. The more detailed, the more an artist will be interested and want to take on your request.

{2}- Do not spam!!
This thread is for sharing item ideas. You may comment on others ideas but please do not chat just for the hell of it, this is supposed to be a helpful thread, not something to be cluttered with useless posts.

Legend: {D} = Designer >//> {A} = Artist

Ideas still pending:
{D}>//> Jiuly .:Box Candy 1:. | .:Box Candy 2:. | .:Box Candy 3:. | .:Box Candy 4:.
{D}>//> Jiuly .:Bag Candy 1:. | .:Bag Candy 2:. | .:Bag Candy 3:.
{D}>//>Minami .:Card Captor Sakura (4) Ideals:. | .:Card Captor Sakura Bunny:.
{D}>//>purple .:Card Captor Sakura Dress:.

Ideas made into items:
{D}>//> Aye .:Chocolate Bunny:. {A}>//> Rosa

{D}>//> Rose Mouse .:Green Leaf Fairy Dress:. | .:Autumn Fairy Dress:. {A}>//> Rosa


Well, that's kinda why I made a really basic/in-the-middle skull. Like cuebone. I think it's more cool than scary anyway. Are ghosts not scary?
Ookami Kenran
@pink rose, I bet i can try the glitter gowns :D ill give the white one a shot first and see if i can do the others :3
Hai! May I request?

I'm gonna be as specific as possible! ^_^

I want a pet! It's a rainbow unicorn with a little tiara. It's body is white while the main is rainbooow!

Thanks :)
Hai guys :3 if you want any items requested im up for it XD
did anyone create weapons here?
I have. What chya lookin for?
Ookami Kenran
samurai sword
I'm up for any hairstyle requests if anyone has them :3
@tezka360 I have katanka, wakazashi, & tanto in my booth, let me know if you have a design request.
Ookami Kenran
I've done a butcher nice, with and without blood. o3o
Knife* Oops.
Any requests, like a weapon, or anything...?
Ok I know this is like a biiiiiiiiiiiiig crazy request but due to the fact that my favorite manga "Nisekoi" has just- BECOME AN ANIME OOH MY CHOCOLATE CAKES. I love how they do it like idk 10 days before my birthday haha yay. -.- well if anyone is up to the task I will be exstatic to have an outfit of my favorite heroine! Kirisaki Chitoge! If anyone could maybe... idk... make it for me as a SUPRISE gift... or who knows... but heres a link of her if anyone could help! I'd do it myself but I can not seem to get all the bases to make one. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm so excited! gah even though it wont happen... well here. .u.
Like stuff like Ninja bands , and stuff are those out of the question?
[NPC] Takun
RoboticSoul just made them and they were accepted ! ^^
Are there any requests i could try? I have a serious case of art block ^_^;
Hi can I request for a pet.

A cute little puppy that looks the same as the one in my profile ^_^

Some cute puppy like this little fella
Kawaii Chup-chup
Post by yomamma censored by Karin
Is anyone able to do a female and male version of Sebastian Michaelis hair?
Ref male:
Ref female:

Aghhhh the pics are so huuuuge ;-;
I say you should add a lot more hipster stuff, almost like the stuff I have on now!
Can anyone make Yuzuki Yukari's Hoodie? If not, my name would be pointless.....