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For talking to people around the world

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Toy Box
For showing us neat things you made or found
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Clickable Pet Display
Help out the clickable pet owners among us
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Shout Box
For shouting things into the world for everyone to see
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Discussion Box
For chatting at a bit slower pace than the chat box
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The Doll Above Yours
Fill the speech bubble of the person above
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Character Hangout
Roleplay your character here


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[CPDD] Welcome To The Dress-up!
New members introduce yourself here
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[CPDD] Information Booth
FAQ, Support, requesting new topic or wiki
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[CPDD] Suggestion Box
For ideas on items and the site as a whole
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[CPDD] Feedback Box
Please give your feedback about site features

 Pixel Art

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[Pixel Art] User Submissions
How to submit your own pixel items for this site
Last post by Elle Xias 16 months ago
[Pixel Art] Custom Item Workshop
Can't pixel? No problem! Suggest or request items here.