Easter III
Easter 2014 Event Topic (Events)

Happy Easter!

This year we're getting lost in the woods on the annual egg hunt! Meet our new NPC Breena and help her in her fight to save Easter by helping make the last few eggs the Easter Bunny needs!

Can you save Easter?

* Enter the event here. *

-~~ Credits ~~-

The Master Coder

Layout Wrangler

Contributing Artists

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First Place Egg Painter

Oekaki Entry Here

First Place Item Designer

Happy Easter everyone! :D
Happy Easter! I wanna say thanks to everyone because I got to see everyone work so hard on this event so it really makes it my favorite! I loved being able to witness it in the making and I want to do my best to even help you all in the future! Thank you, again, I really was excited and anxious for this event and as always you guys have got me totally amazed. Its not much but I love you guys lots heheh XD I hope everyone enjoys the event too so what are ya'll waiting for? Thank you again to especially Karin, Alina_Mau, CoolCool, and everyone else who had to put up with me hahah. ^^
Indeed. Thanks Alina and artists for making this thing happen, good job!
Yay ^^ Nice job, everyone!
Hope you all had a great Easter ^^
Love the event! Adorable eggs omg <3
Closing the topic since it's no longer Easter.