Halloween Event II Feedback Thread
Solved the event? Tell us what you think!

First of all, congratulations on solving the event puzzle!

In previous events you could comment on all event locations after solving the event. This lead to a whole lot of unread comments. That is why this time you can celebrate and post about your experiences here, even after the main event thread is closed.

List of people who solved the puzzle

-pokes minami's face-
-pokes chich's face-

Oh, and Karin, does the herb lady do anything?
Yeah, she yells at you, doesn't she?
Still, just 7 people solved it. I see a couple are stuck at the point where you need to apologize to Jack though.
I know. I was finding a way to do that. Then I finally gave up and i decided to say sorry.

So I accidentally solved it.
I thought it was okay...and the event prize item to be a bit corny in naming.

The sorry grampy look from Jack was for sympathy points, huh?
You know, I think that the herb lady was there to annoy us.

And I notice Jack has a new look. Well in gaia.
I finally finished it and wasted so much time on the Herb Lady. Rawwwgghh. >.<
When I look back at the event, I realize that it wasn't as hard as I thought it was.
I feel the same way.

Just say sorry to Jack when you got all the candy. How easy. But I didnt solve it right away.
I thougth about getting the ghost inside that hag's house but...the hag would just scare him away.
I can't believe it. D:
That Herb Lady is good for nothing. *sighs*

And there's the apology. X"D
Lol. When Jack said he didn't want the candies, I was like... "What?! But do you know how long it took me to get THOSE candies for you?! Fine!"
And I started typing stuff like "punches Jack" or something along the line, which I was sure that it wouldn't help, but... x"<

It's a good puzzle though. ='3
It isn't too tricky, but still required people to think and know what they should do. D= [Which I completely failed to do so. X"D]

I think most people will be stuck at the point where they need to go and find the arrow. o-o

And it seems we can no longer comment in the event? Owo
I was freaking out when I didn't see any comment appear when I finally got the item from Jack.
I thought I was still supposed to do something about that Herb Lady. TT___TT
Edea Sorceress
Ah, yes, maybe it should say something like "You solved the puzzle" with a link to this thread or something. It could say that on every page.

I don't know, being able to comment on event pages didn't seem to add much. Once they go "hidden" I always forget to check them for new comments. Originally, I though the interconnected chat boxes might give you the feeling of actually being in a "world", but I don't think it was working.
I think it did add the feeling of you being in that "world" now is when it doesn't feel like that. If it's hidden then people aren't going to check it out as much also after a while people aren't going to keep talking about it since by that time the event would have already been out for a while.
Um... I think it's only necessary to put in the page that everyone is supposed to be in when they finish the puzzle. ' ' Every page is a bit too much work for you...? ^^"

I understand. :"D
The reason I said so was that I was simply freaking out when I didn't see them, that's all. Since I kinda thought that when I finished a puzzle, they would pop up. :"D

And I don't usually comment on those pages much, so it really doesn't matter if I'm allowed to or not. ' '
Putting a box like this is okay with me, since most of the comments I've seen in the other events are chats, they don't give much feedback.
So I think in case you want everyone to chat and play around there as a reward when they finish the events... ' '
Edea Sorceress
Hmm, last year, at the time of the first Halloween event, people were chatting at the main topics a lot, so I thought having more places to talk in would help reduce spam.

It doesn't really feel like a "world" to me. For that, the ability to chat would always have to be available, not just after solving it. There would actually have to be people present to chat with (right now I believe I'm the only one online again) and most importantly, the events should always take place in the same locations, now they are added for each new event.

Hmm, or I could disable the comments after an event? I do think the events should also be social somehow...
Well even in RL people aren't always around to chat with. They are all in the same "area", having new locations to explore is more interesting then visiting the same location.
i have to say that my hard time was to understand how get the arrow.. i had already understand how to do after.. it was quite simple after.. but withouth a little hint i'll never thought to ask them.. XD
thought i need to dress up in some-way to make he give me XO

if romanji said "do you like mine costume" maybe it was simpler think the right question-word XDDD lol

anyway.. maybe i'm the only silly that don't think to ask XDDDD
Well, not many people solved it, so good job!
I feel special.
Happy December 1st! Can't wait until Christmas break! c:
Closing the thread. You can now talk at the event locations after all.