Karins Birthday!
It's time to celebrate again

Happy Birthday to Karin!

It's that time of the year again. Post any gifts you might have for Karin and any birthday wishes. Don't forget to sign the birthday card and have a piece of cake as well.

X3 actually no :3 i simplely found it in the web XD
was looking some sugar dance gif thatt could go near my style.. and thought it was cute XDD
unluckyly i have any idea on how make a moveing gif XDD sorry
*jiuly isn't so great XD lol*
That's right, you can't control what she draws, that's why it was even funnier to see you with this -->
default expression over at the event XD

And my age is on my profile, Tully my boy XP
Great, another batch of jumpers. Worst kind. I settled it with her before your minor interfearing attemtps. Late arrivals are never welcomed.

-scoots away from strange and weird hugging people-

You enjoy being part of those that won't live that down, aren't you Karin?
Awww, everyone loves Waltz <3
(But me the most >>)
Go hug Karin, Tull.
Wow... awesome art Jiuly~

I cant even believe I was in one of them...

Anyways, happy belated birthday Karin(again!)
@Karin: THAT was EPIC, Karin. X"D I mean I was all sad and depressed when I knew about my grades and such, but when I saw that face of Waltz's avatar... X"D You need to do that MORE, Karin. X"D

@Waltz: ="P Come on~
Edea Sorceress
*Huggles Karin and Waltzy* <3 Wuvvv

*Hugs Waltz* :D
Sorry for the double-post, but @Jiuly & Edea:
I found this xD
A wonderful Happy Birthday to you!!!
crystal siren
-mutters things mostly censored- Darn...you...Sakura....

That's it, you're just mocking and insulting me for your own personal amusement....
Nooo, I think you're awesome~ :3

Anyways, happy birthday, Karin - again. x3
whee!!! >w<
all hugging Waltz! >w<

:3 Waltz..thake it in mind :D all adore you! XD No waltz no party! :D

Happy Birthday to Karin again! Whee!!!
*throw coriandoli*

^w^ lol.. love this page.. it's became really partyfull! :DDD
just.. Karin.. you should say a speech! :D
*jiuly put upper her goblet full of fanta*
speech! speech! speech! :DD
ups XDD lol..
i had to say "throw confetti" .. coriandoli is as we call them here in italy XDD (in italian confetti are almond covered of sugar or chocolate that are used usually in the favor/wedding keep-sake XD
Naww, we all love waltzy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARIN!!!
@Sakura: Lol. X"D

O-o" This is getting a little bit weird guys...
*erases everyone's memory about Waltz*
It's Karin's birthday, remember? :<
And yeah. D< Everyone needs to say something on their birthday, Karin~
Edea Sorceress
Sorry, Waltz~ D:

@Jiuly: Omg~ Lucky star hugs! >W<

@Edea: Yaaay, Karin~! ♥
My birthday was last Tuesday. But thanks again.
@Waltz - I don't care about your opinions.

@Tully - I don't.

Seems you all forgot the purpose of this thread, this thread was meant as a birthday thread to Karin, if you people want to make a Waltz fan club then do it in another page. I won't be part of it. Karin's birthday has been over for a while so i'll be locking this thread.