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Happy Valentine's day!

February 13, 2010 17:08 ()
Hi there, here are some announcements for you guys.

First of all, we will not have a new event puzzle this year. Some new Valentine items by Chich and Rosamond have been planted into the original Valentine event instead. It's really difficult to come up with a good puzzle and we didn't want to make something that sucks so we hope you understand. To help, please tell us which of the previous events you liked best and why.

Furthermore, it seems that our favorite playboy Romaji has opened up his own barber shop, and you can get hair there that is actually alive and grows!

Go here for all of this

Happy Valentine's Day, Carnival and start of the lunar year to you! Now let's group hug!

February 14, 2010 9:51 ()
*hugs site and everyone* x"D
Happy Valentine Day~
And happy lunar new year~

I don't have any event I really like yet. [I like all of them, but it's hard for me to pick one I like most.]
I'd want to do a tricky puzzle [something that requires people to think, even a riddle included is good, but not something that takes too much effort. X___x" It's hard for me to explain it... ;A;], rather than something like the Saint Nicolas [I hope I type the name correctly] event.
I haven't actually done anything about the Christmas event yet, but based on what I've seen so far, it's kinda a bit confusing to me since it requires going to many different places.
Edea Sorceress
February 14, 2010 10:45 ()
Happy Valentine's Day all.
February 14, 2010 14:21 ()
Happy Valentines Day~!
February 14, 2010 15:58 ()
Sorry about the hair glitch, it's now been fixed.
March 19, 2010 20:03 (10 years ago)
There is a link on the front page now and this place doesn't get posted in anyway, so I'm hereby closing it.
March 19, 2010 20:03 (10 years ago)
Whoops. Forgot to actually close it.