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Here you can post about your recent oekaki adventures, request critique, or look for art trades! Feel free to share tips, tricks, and tutorials as well.

Here we will also add special CPDD art challenges and post about our most recent holiday contests.

- CPDD Art Challenge -

None Yet

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- December Oekaki Challenge 2014 -

Holiday Celebrations

Time to draw your favorite part of they holidays! Everything from family to feasts, whatever it is you enjoy best about the holiday you celebrate.

Unlimited entries

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Me too! Me too! I love oekakis too! I wanna join! xD
Kawaii Chup-chup
BTW What's the spoopy NPCs
Kawaii Chup-chup
If you read the post you'll know that it's this years oekaki halloween contest XD
Yeps I'm excited but..........
what is the spoopy?
Kawaii Chup-chup
lol it's a misspelling of spooky
someone was in a Halloween shop and saw a sign that said spoopy instead of spooky, they took a pic of it and now it's just sort of a casual internet joke XD
Too bad I'm terrible at using the oekaki program, but I love the idea of this club, so I hope it see more people joining, talking, and entering the challenges. c:
Elle Xias
Oooooh so that's why spoopy. Lol. But it's ok ^^
Kawaii Chup-chup
updated with this months contest :3
Should it be on a chibi base or free drawing like an oekaki?
Kawaii Chup-chup
The Oekaki Club challenges are all for the oekaki program, you CAN choose to insert the doll base into the pic if you'd like to though
Post by yomamma censored by Karin