Goodbye, Halloween.
by Karin (Gallery), sensationings (Gallery)

Date:November 9
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November 9 1:09 (2 weeks ago)
Now that Halloween is long gone... We must burn our pumpkins..
November 9 17:57 (2 weeks ago)
I love this pumpkin! :D

We like to use a trusty katana to slice them up! XD
Ookami Kenran
November 9 18:00 (2 weeks ago)
Yes, the more brutal, the better...
November 9 18:03 (2 weeks ago)
Lol, you don't like pumpkins? Why?

I'm not particularly a fan, though I do like gardening gourds. X3 *has green thumb*
Ookami Kenran
November 9 21:38 (2 weeks ago)
This is a pretty epic pumpkin XD