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Date:June 5
Time spent:5 hours
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May 30 0:36 (3 months ago)
its nOt dOne yet but im prOud OF it sO far, Oh wOW ive wORked On it fOr 2 hOurs-
May 30 3:35 (3 months ago)
the scribbles are On a different layer dOnt wOrry, im just kinda mad rn cause im having a hard time trying tO draw high heals
May 30 3:45 (3 months ago)
i am upset why cant i draw the heals im literally lOOking at a reference phOTO OF grells shOEs why cant i just draw them im gOnna cry
May 30 3:50 (3 months ago)
ive spent 2 hOurs On this drawing and its the shOEs that are giving me a prOblem whyyyyy
May 30 4:48 (3 months ago)
the time says 2 hOurs but im pretty sure i wORked On it fOR like 3- theres just times i didnt save cause there was nOthing to save cause i kept erasing the shoes
May 30 19:12 (3 months ago)
Ok im pretty happy with it nOw, its still nOT dOne like- at all but yeah
May 30 19:52 (3 months ago)
Ah! I see now, it's your avi!
May 30 20:12 (3 months ago)
yeah, my avi is Grell frOm black butler cause shes my favOrite character ^-^