Winter Cabin
by Rose Mouse

December 22, 2010

Rose Mouse
Errg! It didn't save what I did... And I still wasn't finished... -sigh-
Rose Mouse
Luckily I took a screen shot:
Rose Mouse
Orrr.. It did save and it just didn't show up when it loaded...

Yay, I can finish it later!
Rose Mouse
rose u did a really good job on this! ;3
Thanks eemmmmyy! I'm almost done!
Not sure what I'm going to add to it, but I will soon.
Rose Mouse
Holy cow this is AMAZING!
Brilliant job, well done!
rose u can just call me emmy XD and emmy is my real name >.> <.<
Okay, I'll you emmy.

Thanks Ivoran!
Rose Mouse
Nice one!!!