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I'm a girl. >>

Like the Tiger ears and tail? 83 My greatest pixel achievement, right there. <3
And I didn't even do the outline. >>;

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[[Ayame]] was last seen on January 5, 2010 (9 years ago)

Uh... Trying to get fire or something? Or maybe it was an ax... >>;
Try looking in other events for items. To get the fire you have to help someone first.
They're back? O:
I never realized they left. x.x
Rosa: Thanks... ^^;

Myuki: My items? .-.
They're not back yet. They've been gone since the new poses were added. (Not all of them.)

I has no mouse right now, so pixeling will be interesting... >>;
Ookami Kenran
u talk 2 ur self?..
Ookami Kenran
I was talking to you. >>
x'D [couldn't help laughing when I saw the posts up there]

Edea Sorceress
*hesitates before typing*

Aren't u the dude that opened an art shop in kofk?
I'm a girl. >>
Yes I has an art shop on KofK and Solia.
Mind you, I've had 100+ files just for the new poses. x.x
But I did my best, so I'm able to finished all of them.

Don't give up. Though, never force yourself to do it soon.
Do things that will inspire you, then start. Good luck!
Thanks Wolf. <3

Wow, 100+? o.o I don't have nearly that many, and I deleted a lot of them...
so u reply on ur own profile to get more comments? :o
I didn't know u were the guy who "has" a shop. I "has" no shop!
jk lol