Character description for Dreamer

hi, I don't come online here very often,
so if you want to plz add me at these other website nwn;;
(if you have one)

aim: lanobonano
gaiaonline: the_dreamer_girl
DA: lanobonano
tegaki: grapejelly

rl name: Alana
nick names: dreamer, lano, lanzo/alanzo, lanobonano, pandora(o_O) etc.

I'm 14 yrs old (birthday's June 8th)
I live in New York and my favorite colors are neon colors and perywinkle, lol.

Join date: November 29, 2008
Birthday: June 8
Dreamer was last seen on October 24, 2009 (10 years ago)

Whee! >w< ♥
"I think she tries to come back through a girl who does want to be...whatever it is that Ai is??"

I'm jealous of Japanese... >___>
Edea Sorceress
Especially things that are awesome~
Edea Sorceress
hola y lindo avi n.n
Cindy Lenox
Yayys, thankies *w*
Yuu too 8D
Ookami Kenran
how r u?
Ookami Kenran
Only when parents aren't close >D
Captain grvl
you said:
Yew shud be happy though, being young iz fun.
Captain grvl
eh. not awesome, i'm livin'...
Ookami Kenran
maybe they are too old ...
Captain grvl
I can't hang out with someone more then... 18...
Captain grvl
just smile and nods, so it seems you understand ;)
Captain grvl
Heya :D We have the same hair XD lol Hi~ :3
-wiggles- heya! =D
Ninja Ai