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wow. it's been a while.
so my name is georgia, i'm fourteen years old and i live in australia. i haven't been on here since i was in grade seven, so i think i should probably update some of my information. xD
for now i'm just going to keep the same layout, but i'll change it later when i have a bit more time.
~current obsessions~
etsy. i simply adore little handmade trinkets and vintage things.
making bracelets. it's a great way to waste my time.
indie bands. i've been searching up heaps of songs that no one has heard of, and found some really amazing stuff.
christmas. unsurprisingly.
the last harry potter book. i don't want to finish it but i know i have to.
name: georgia mercedes robinson.
age: fourteen.
favourite colours: blue and red.
style: i only really wear dresses and skirts.
occupation: poet.
email address:
usernames: either charcoalrainbow or cautiouslyclumsy, i'm on pretty much every blog there is.
favourite website: i spend alot of time on ebay. xD
favourite food: ice cream.
favourite drink: tea.
best friends: tiana healey, gabbi trouse, alex cameron.
location: australia.
favourite characters: altaria, lee from naruto.
religion: christianity.

Join date: April 27, 2009
Birthday: March 24
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Thank you! It is halloween anyway.
12, I'm having lotsa fun!!! Thanbks ;)
I'm not wearing boots, it's supposed to be a pantyhose. But of course, if you want to wear itas boots, you can. I put it in the main dress-up.
o.o Ello XD
Tanks! :3
Oh yeahhh >D
Hi! I sorta noticed that! xD
Happy Birthday!
Hello, I am new here. Wanna be my friend?? I have a friend list in my profile, indeed. ^^
Hi i just saw in your profile that your twelve...
im turning twelve this year...wanna be friends?
Georgia how can i find your heart Bulloone!?
hi Gergia welcome to the site i HOPE Love it here just call me robots