Character description for Intrinsic

i n t r i n s i c

c a l l - m e - a - " h e "
a l m o s t - s e v e n t e e n
p a n s e x u a l

I like to write, paint/draw, and play the viola. I also do web/graphic design a little bit as well.
I love to roleplay, so if you want to RP, feel free to shoot me a PM. I can write anywhere from semi-lit to advanced-lit, and I am open to a variety of plotlines. Preferred genres are: historical, psychological, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic.

Here's some art of my characters that I have received from other people. (thankyou!♥)

( Kreutzer by Outkaster77 @ dA )
( Pavel by KariseSohma @ dA )
( Tatiana by KariseSohma @ dA)
( Keith by Nyx Illusione @ GaiaOnline )

Favourite Pixel Artists

I make graphics! Be it a banner for your RP or just something cute for your profile, I can make it. These are my graphic samples from over the years. If you'd like something, just shoot me a PM with the following form:

Image(s) (URLs):
Theme / Colour Scheme:

I can also code profiles as well. For a profile, please fill one of these forms out:

Detailed Form

Background IMG: (URL)
Block BG IMG: (URL)
Block Border Style/Colour/Thickness: (Dotted/Dashed/Solid) / (#ColourCode) / (#px)
Block Size(s): (#px width x #px height) for each block.
Form BG IMG: (URL)
Form Border Style/Colour/Thickness: (Dotted/Dashed/Solid) / (#ColourCode) / (#px)
Font / Font Colour: (Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Century Gothic, Impact) / (#Code)
Link Colour: (#Code)
Miscellaneous Graphics: (Description)

Simple Form

Main BG:
Form BG:
Block BG:
Border: (Dotted/Dashed/Solid) / Thickness (#px) / Colour
Link Colour:

( profile under construction )

Join date: September 25, 2011
Birthday: November 9
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Oh, what do ya know, I happen to have a RP. X3
Ookami Kenran
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Wow your page is awesome :O
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Thanks! It was stuck like bare for ages. XD
Though my problem was i couldn't find any good repeatable patterns, were did you get yours?
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I'm Jemi. Nice to meet you.

Seems like you're a roleplayer.
:D Yay, another one. Seems like our roleplaying population is growing.

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Ohoho, well I'd like to be in a roleplay with you, for sure.

I see you like historical RPs. I've never tried one, but I want to. XP
Goodvye! (saying it here causw chat only allows 3 posts in a row. T.T)
ooh, okay, sounds good. :))
happy birthday, Intrinsic! ^___^ <3

(also omgthankyou for putting me in your favourite pixel artist list ;__; <3 <3 <3)
Happy Birthday Intrinsic! Hope you're doing and feeling good. ^-^
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Hi! you hav'a cool profile :D