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Hello my cutie patooties with some rad ass booties got all the boys lined up wheather its your daddy or your brother or your boyfriends, soo sorry 'bout it.
I gotta nice assbutt.

If you don't mind, could you please set my school on fire?

I am the monkey , and I LOVE Naruto! !

I think that's enough for right now!
Bye bye!

Right now I am:

Join date: March 27, 2013
Birthday: July 26
MinecraftFan was last seen on February 16, 2016 (4 years ago)

By the way, VIP for habplus, thats extra, for pushing and copying, you still get all the clothes and free credits, the lot.
Just thought id say. :P
Thank for b-day wishes :D
Love your avatar. :D
Kinda reminds me of a vocaloid because of the ear piece, but a cute gothic one.
Elle Xias
Pfft I don't mind. This is probably god knows how late. Not as active on here as I'd like to be. xD
And thank you. :3
Elle Xias
Oh god! That is so bad. Tut tut :b

I get so many feels when I come onto your profile. Ugh, the rainbow background <3<3<3

Aha no, Sakura is what we're going to call our little girl (If I ever have one), and Kiba is what the dog's name will be. Though I know Sukura is a name from Naruto and Kiba is from Wolf's Rain. xD The first is a total coincidence, the second was from the show.
Elle Xias
I like your avi. :3
Ookami Kenran
Oh god that'd be funny if she did have a shrine! But I hope it doesn't turn out that way XD

Got a right cold/flu at the moment ; -; Hate being ill
Elle Xias
Hi ! I want to say that your chibi is pretty...
Happy Birthday!
happy birthday Sarah! hope you have a good one~
Aki Izayoi
Happy birthday! :D
hi cutie
Heyy 8D