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Hi I'm Phoxa c:
A little bit about me!
Let's start off with what I wanna do after I finish highschool, I wanna strive to be a 3D modeler/animator and some day work for Riot. Although I would be okay with any other job involving gaming industry, as long as I can use my artistic skills.
I obviously absolutely love drawing! Another obvious thing is that I love watching anime, I'm also a gamer. (:
If you are interested in seeing my art you can find most of it here:
I have a best friend her name is Sabrina! I love her very very much.
I also have a boyfriend his name is Luke, I also love him very very verrryyy much. :3
That's all I'ma say if you wanna know more though just ask!

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Thank you, and what a crazy comment box XD
The bunny is so cute :3
You are all a white bunny xD How are you? :3 Everything's fine?
Nice Comment Box!
Spiffy? What does that mean? :3
I'm doing good beside my tooth ache... Damn. Your comment box is hypnotizing me xD
Yup, I watched everything with Nagisa, and added dango daikazoku to my karaoke playlist lol

What an irresponsible guy, I'm glad she didn't die after all for the sake of their kid.
Happy birthday! ^^
Happy Birthday! :3
Hi!!!!! Cool profile! How are you???
Kawaii Chup-chup