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Age: 0 o i forgot...*counts earrings*
Gaiaonline and Kingdom of Knuffle username: Tnseukkoi

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June 21, 2009 20:36 ()
*reads profile*
you gain a earring at each birthday?
Captain grvl
June 22, 2009 0:42 ()
that is so cute <3
It reminds me of one of Agatha christie stories o.o
Captain grvl
June 23, 2009 2:54 ()
A small one, it is about a girl that every bday, gains a diamond for her necklace.... and obviously, the necklace is stolen and blablabla....
Captain grvl
June 25, 2009 0:25 ()
you know that one?
Captain grvl
June 25, 2009 18:44 ()
She wrote more then 80 books ; )
Captain grvl
August 8, 2009 20:41 ()
Tsneu! Hey! It's Ever from KofK.

I played with your Squibies...aren't they addicting?
August 17, 2009 9:12 ()
It's fine! I don't mind. I only check this site every few days, anyways. P:

What happened to it, anyways? Everything on the entire site is to the left!
August 19, 2009 6:12 ()
Hopefully. Hey, maybe she had to tweak a few things in order to introduce a new feature. That'd be cool.
August 23, 2009 4:16 ()
I think so, too!

I clicked your Squibies, by the way, and the purple and blue ones evolved! =D
August 23, 2009 7:20 ()
*hugs* I know! I can't wait to see our little adoptables finally get to their last stages! I've seen some of mine already, they're really cute!
August 29, 2009 19:15 ()
I'm still working on it myself. Try posting in the Squiby forums. I find that the more I post there, the more clicks I seem to get.
September 3, 2009 0:50 ()
Believe me, even a little bit helps.

I see that your Lucky Cat evolved since I last clicked it, congrats again!
September 4, 2009 5:17 ()
It's okay. As long as YOU click them once every day, that's all that matters.

I haven't had any of mine grow up within the past few days. I know my Albino Pegasus Egg (Pete White) is close, though.
September 5, 2009 20:46 ()
Pete will pretty much look like Shade will, only white. JamBerry IceCream created them both.

He's named after an albino computer technician in a TV show I watch.
September 16, 2009 3:10 ()
I know! I'm so happy about it. He evolved at level 101. As for names...I name a lot of them after TV show characters I like. Pete White, Master Billy Quizboy, and Triana are named after characters from The Venture Bros., and Gabrielle, Claire, and Katherine are named after characters from a webcomic called Sister Claire.