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Happy What-Ever-The-Next-Holiday-Is

Hello, nice to meet you all(well technically im not meeting you but what ever).
Age: 15
B-Day: 11/2 (November 2)
Location: Texas
Likes: Anime, Manga, Reading, Cats
Dislike: You probably (Just kidding), Math, Writing, Preps
Anime that I'm watching right now: Keikkaishi, Moblie Suit Gundam 00, Bleach
Manga that I'm reading right now: ~
TV show that I'm watching right now(Not a anime): TDWT ( Total drama World Tour ),
Book that I'm reading right now(Not a manga):
Things I want right Now: PS3 , The Manga Nightmare Inspector, Pandora Hearts,and Soul Eater, A PSP 3000

Also, if you need help finding a book to read, come to me, There are TONS I could reccomend to you.

Gaiaonline Username: Hime-Asahikage
KingdomofKnuffelusername: Hime-Asahikage
Soliaonline: Hime-Asahikage

Join date: September 8, 2008
Birthday: ?
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i was just wondering why u were in the ppl who created items list when i dont see a booth
may i ask where u got the rose dress?
Ookami Kenran
how r u?
Ookami Kenran
Fine. A little hungry.
Ookami Kenran
Thanky you!

and..aww..are you reading the cronicles of narnia! ^w^ i read them all too.. it's simply a great series! i love it! :3
i suggest you the "Trillium series" by Marion Zimmer Bradley and others authors.. i really liked it when i read it (had more or less your age) and it is still one of my heart book..
i've read only 3 of the collection: "Lady of the Trillium", "Black Trillium" and "Golden Trillium"
and i've to say that the golden trillim was that i liked more (i read in 1-2 days X3 )

or.. i'll suggest you "Howl's Moving Castle" and "Castle in the Air" by Diana Wynne Jones, they're really nice too

or if you never read it (but it's so famous that maybe you already did ^w^ ) "Interview with the Vampire" by Anne Rice.. is one of my faforite book >w< and it's the better of the vampire series in mine opinion... oftens the first is the best.. ^^''
the others are fine.. but it is simply AWESOME >w<
you must read them all >w< it's really great how the different stories intersect each other!
hope you've a collection with all the you haven't to wait 'til after Oklahoma ;)

I loved that film too!! and i have to say that the book is more beautiful than the film :3

About the vampire series.. actually i really like only the first one.. the others are nice.. but i don't like too much them.. ^^''

hope you've a fun holiday even without a lot of books to read ^w'
book I have to wait to read because of Oklahoma
*ups.. delete the last sentence >w<'' i tend to copy the message and than i delete it while i'm i don't forgive things.. but sometimes i forget to delete it at the end X3
Ookami Kenran
how r wu?
Ookami Kenran
ah, could be better..
Ookami Kenran
Ookami Kenran
I like Soul Eater too :D
Hi! I like Anime, manga, cats and reading too!
Plus I hate maths and writing!
I also hate preps. LOL