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Room #415

The door to this lab is a dark, forest/olive green, though you didn't notice at first because of the plants covering it. Two short trees stand to either side, and dried vines cover the door with aerial plants pocketed all over. You open it and immediately to the left you notice a pile of self made travel snacks. Next to the tray of nutrient rich bars is a sign printed on paper in a plastic display stand, you read: "Welcome Help yourself to some snacks, but be respectful; other than that, 'Leave no trace. / Take only pictures; leave only footprints.'" The door you just opened only opens to a small room with another door; the added walls have aluminum structural support, with a mostly clear material making up the, professionally done, added walls. On the other door is a sign that says "Keep the critters in: Make sure that each door is closed behind you." If you look behind you, at the door you just entered, you see a third sign that says "Before you leave! Make sure that the door is closed, then make sure no critter followed you, or is on you! If so, please return them to the Aviary before leaving."

Once you leave the foyer, making sure that the door is closed behind you, you notice the theme of the door continues throughout the room. Potted plants, shrubs, and trees are everywhere and the floor is covered in Kaverno Musko. Despite the amount of plants in the room, you hardly notice any of the plant's pots because of how they are all arranged. There is a path that winds through the room, as you follow it a Cielarka Cimo spooks and flutters to a more secluded spot. If you look at the ceiling, it's painted sky blue, with something white and fluffy covering the lights, in the center is a wooden sign hanging that says "Aviary."

The path leads to the back third of the room, and you find where most of the lab where most of the actual lab work is done. To the left is a quad-screen computer setup. All of the instruments and equipment are neatly stowed away, the surfaces are mostly clear, aside from a few things: Next to the computer mouse is a book labeled "Genetics Notes." There is also a tray that says "Incoming Mature Predictions" where you can put images of juveniles and she will send you an image she can create from the simulator. You also notice that her window is significantly steamy.

As you approach the rear door, you notice a sign that says "Pauldaruim." When you exit through the door a muggy wave of humidity sweeps over you. As you step in you see another greenscape, this time, with a small pond in the middle, where you hear croaks coming from. As you stand there astonished, wondering how long it would have taken for all this to-- "Hsssss~" You should probably watch your step...and maybe not linger!

Yard: 2 sections: front yard - bunch of domes, houses, tunnels cat trees, big pool. Beyond the front is the far yard, wider and more open. Ebenas are beyond that

Aquarium is over by where the submarine quest took place. Large portion that uses the same water but contains large beasts.


Match Maker

If you want help producing a certain child, I can help you find the ideal parents!

Mature Predictions

On the edge of the desk is a ___ for receiving and sending papers. There are three tiers, the top holds instructions, the middle is for incoming, and the bottom is for outgoing.


Please leave the link for the creature you want me to predicted the phenotype and genotype of and whether or not you want me to give you the genotype (genotype is less accurate and will take longer). -- If you can, please also leave an image of your creature in /img tags, and later return when it grows up! <3 -- I will return to you an image of what s/he will look like and, if you asked for it, the genotype. -- *Note that phenotype is what it looks like, and genotype is the code: AaBbCc. Also, lot of the time you will get multiple answers for a genotype, because several phenotypes have multiple genotypes.

Species Greylist

Species that have 1 or more traits that do not show on the juvenile.

Species Blacklist

Species I won't do because of lack of information at juvenile stage.

Trading Tabs

Barter - Main
Aviary - Incects and avians
Pauldarium - Blekos
Sky Giraffes - Senfina Krizo
Scurio Tree - Stranga Sciuro
Noodle Tangle - Tagalo
Haunted Hollow - HW Releases
Eerie ||Elk|| - NR, doubles only
||Kraken|| Kindergarten - NR, doubles only

Genetic Notes

When you look at the book, you notice that it is a darkblue dyed, leather-bound tome with decorative silver pieces protecting the corners. On the cover is a dark red-brown swatch of leather, bordered in a silver accent, that says "Genetics Notes" in black, serifed lettering. When you open it, you realize that not all of it is meant to be deciphered by anyone but the author. There are chicken scratch handwriting and pictures taped in all over the place. Places labeled "Traits" is where she either filled in for the wiki, or did her own version, however are easy to follow.

Ebena Kuranto

Minuskla Casadisto


Gudra Kornaro

Imsanga Afero

Lanuga Vizago

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September 25, 2022 23:34 (20 months ago)
Talk about crying over predictor goal. ;o;
Ookami Kenran
September 29, 2022 2:40 (19 months ago)
Ookami Kenran
October 3, 2022 23:39 (19 months ago)
I wrote:
Are there more specifics about probability of success for pairs? I'm wanting to collect data for the wiki...
schenanigans#6031 wrote:
We don't have many specifics, it seems to be left intentionally vague.
- success chance is based on creature rarity (commons will produce more often than rares)
- breeding success chance goes up with higher creature stats, but nobody knows how much or if there is a cap
- holidays have very low success chance in the off season, and their breeding success chance increases when they are "in season"
Ookami Kenran
October 3, 2022 23:41 (19 months ago)
Quotes need a different color border. (as exampled above.)
Ookami Kenran
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Ookami Kenran
November 3, 2022 20:32 (18 months ago)
kz#8097 wrote:
I got it. I cracked it.

1 row left - spotted
1 row middle - neck + shoulder marking
1 row right - ribcage + butt goop
2 row left - dripping chest/right leg, ribcage marking
2 row middle - full back covering
2 row right - no goop
3 row left - dripping left leg(s)
3 row middle - dripping neck/partial back covering
3 row right - marking on back leg/thigh

I can sleep in peace now.
Ookami Kenran
November 4, 2022 19:46 (18 months ago)
Void#7108 wrote:
In the "fun with tatsu" channel you can write t!remind me [text what you want to be reminded of] in x days y hours z minutes
No parentheses needed and you can leave out the days/hours/minutes as needed, so e.g. t!remind me name cap in 3 hours would work
Ookami Kenran
November 6, 2022 20:09 (18 months ago)
AA+Aa=AA or Aa
Aa+aa=Aa or aa
Aa+Aa=AA, Aa, aa=25/50/25
Ookami Kenran
November 9, 2022 4:15 (18 months ago)
Dihybrid parent combos img
Ookami Kenran
November 9, 2022 4:52 (18 months ago)
Read for later:
speedyscout#9731 wrote:
Yes, but using two loci like AA/BB would still work in a lot of cases instead of adding more alleles. For example in cats (my specialty lol), they have three alleles on the black loci, but just using two you have B and b. The possible combinations are: BB and Bb, both giving the phenotype black, or bb, giving the phenotype chocolate. But they also have a dilution locus, which will leave the genes as-is on DD or Dd but on dd will make black blue and chocolate lilac. So, for as much variety as we have on the final outpost for a dominant-recessive creature, yes you'd need more alleles, but you can still get a fair bit of variety without it just by having several loci c:
Ookami Kenran
November 22, 2022 18:28 (18 months ago)
Ookami Kenran
December 20, 2022 0:57 (17 months ago)
degela koro - melting heart - spiky - gecko

osta frakaso - bone fracture - distillation flask - hyena
Ookami Kenran
December 20, 2022 3:00 (17 months ago)
Ookami Kenran
January 4, 2023 16:16 (16 months ago)
schenanigans#6031 wrote:
Art wise [Degela Koro] is based on geckos mostly
It did mildly take some influence from the crocodile newt. But it is mostly leopard/fat tailed gecko lol

cabuso#4463 wrote:
spring peepers!!! they dont know how to burrow into the ground for warmth in the winter so instead they sit on the surface and accept their fate and just…freeze for a bit
Ookami Kenran