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Welcome ^^
Hey~ I'm Kenran, and I love art!
I'm here~so you can request things~
You can also ask me things about the site, and chat here. ^^



Feb. 4th 2020: Restarting the site.


I am a site artist, so feel free to request items and recolors of my current items.

  • Sakura Antlers - by I don't remember.
  • https://cache.d...igthumbnail.jpg - Ali
  • Like a dappled grey. I like the fade and spots :D - Rob
  • Towels -by Karin
  • Kimono, NPC wolf expressions, Family Guy sets, Elbow grease, Abs, Fire BG, Sarong, Guitar Back-mount item... -by Kenran (Items with * in front of them mean I have started. Let me know if you want me to put a priority one one of my ideas. ^w^)


I can do old site version and new site version. (Please specify or I will simply do the new version.)
For more, please visit Kenran's Free CSS.

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None that are released yet. ^^; | NewBound Pack: Summer Adventure 2012

Menu layout -by Karin | White Cat Peach White -by KisakiShiemi


I'll do or try other types of art, like cards of any type (birthday, holiday, business), or something you want me to layout (html/css), or like a book cover or poster or something.

Pixel Art, Digital Art, Sketches
I no longer take requests in these departments.

Feel free to pick up a busyness card!
The code for the card.

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mkay, idk how soon i can get it tho, i'm slow w/ that type of art.
Ookami Kenran
thats fine, i am kinda slow at it too :D
hangman gallows
baggy pants
legos - building blocks - letter blocks
Mic. HH
Ookami Kenran
I would also Like a picture of my character for my profile,Please include the dark wings

That's the reference

Also pls. use the emotion I'm using now <<<<

Digtal art Thank you.
I'll see what I can do. ^^
Ookami Kenran
Thank you so much Kenran
Do mind making a picture of my profile please.If its too hard you don't really need to do it. (tell me what you can draw out of my profile )
What do you mean "of" your profile?
Ookami Kenran
I mean the picture on my profile...but that was long long ago.
It was a drawing of my OC.
The drawing is not there any more but i will post another one.
Up to date...mostly....
Ookami Kenran