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🤗 • Welcome • 🤗

Hey~ I'm Kenran, and I love art!
I'm a site artist~
You can request items here; you can also ask me things about the site and chat here. ^^

∘ WIP ∘

∘ Tailor ∘

For suits and men's formal accessories.
I want to make a tailor shop
Like item requests, but for a specific type of items: suits and accessories
Shop Keeper: Taylor Tailor (WIP) Matronly elder lady
Different cuts(and/or)measurements - determines line art
Different colors - determines base color
Different materials - determines shading
Ties & bows
Coat & hemd
As a "side gig" maybe she retailors old clothes?

∘ Smith ∘

For tools, weapons and armor.

∘ Requests ∘

~Please help motivate me to get back into making items!~

I'm looking to do more "masculine" items, so please request those; any thing from tomboy styles to armor!
I'll also take requests reminiscent of my old style~

Recolors are super easy, so you can request those all day long~ ;3


I love taking recolor requests! I typically churned out 2 random colors and one I liked, but some items are special, because I have too many good ideas, so I will hold on to them unless someone asks for something specific.

*I moved all of the items I plan on making to a separate, private document that I will only share with other artists.

📝 ∘ CSS ∘ 📝

For more, please visit Kenran's Free CSS.

This theme is a version of the CB. (original by Alina_Mau)
If you have questions, send them over to my CSS Workshop!
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February 23, 2012 1:06 (12 years ago)
hangman gallows
baggy pants
legos - building blocks - letter blocks
Mic. HH
Ookami Kenran
April 9, 2012 5:02 (12 years ago)
I would also Like a picture of my character for my profile,Please include the dark wings

That's the reference

Also pls. use the emotion I'm using now <<<<

Digtal art Thank you.
April 9, 2012 13:54 (12 years ago)
I'll see what I can do. ^^
Ookami Kenran
April 10, 2012 11:53 (12 years ago)
Thank you so much Kenran
October 31, 2012 16:34 (11 years ago)
Do mind making a picture of my profile please.If its too hard you don't really need to do it. (tell me what you can draw out of my profile )
January 18, 2013 19:36 (11 years ago)
What do you mean "of" your profile?
Ookami Kenran
June 10, 2013 21:38 (11 years ago)
I mean the picture on my profile...but that was long long ago.
It was a drawing of my OC.
The drawing is not there any more but i will post another one.
February 5, 2020 19:37 (4 years ago)
Up to date...mostly....
Ookami Kenran
July 29, 2022 20:29 (22 months ago)
"there are layers that don't have a lot of items I bet, pants, belts, shoes

"hand bags"


On that note, I would like suggestions in any of those categories!
Ookami Kenran
August 6, 2022 15:57 (22 months ago)
Here's some ideas/inspo - I tried finding different styles of items, but I'm biased lol ^^
Hand bags
August 6, 2022 21:16 (22 months ago)
I request bear pants come in different animal faces, split leg pants come in dusty rose and maybe also grey. Floral pants have a swatch in the khaki color swatch <3
August 12, 2022 11:32 (22 months ago)
Actually could I request one of your old ideas? A fire bg could be very cool for the ideas we talked about last night :o
August 12, 2022 12:53 (22 months ago)

Ookami Kenran
August 28, 2022 20:02 (21 months ago)
Bug squisher! 🐛
Ookami Kenran
March 21 22:17 (2 months ago)
Wrist Corsages and Boutonnieres
Ookami Kenran