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Welcome to Royal Rebellion, a Royal RP. (I don't know what you call this. It's also somewhat a fantasy RP.)

10/31/11 - Just so all of you know, there are no limits to the princes/princesses. There can be tons, but remember you can also be a non-royal.~
10/31/11 - OPEN! Send in them forms~ Apparently someone (prolly Tamie) made Rose an author. Oh, well. WELCOME TO THE ROYAL FAM.
10/30/11 - Made Kimi, Tamie, and Alerano authors, edited everything up.
10/30/11 - Royal Rebellion wiki was made by Rose Mouse! (THANK YOU~)

On an island far, far away, there were three divisions. Costa Estrella, Costa Luna, and Costa Aqua. Costa Estrella, and Costa Luna have been enemies for a long, long, time, ever since the king of Luna called the queen of Estrella a fat freak centuries ago. (Yes, they haven't got over it.) Costa Aqua, the land under the sea, has remained a secret, until people from Costa Luna started seeing merpeople rising from the underwater city. The news spread until Costa Estrella. The people from Aqua simply wanted to be a secret, but now, it seems that the underwater city has been exposed. The two costas on land, however, started fighting over Costa Aqua to gain the underwater kingdom. Costa Aqua? It's currently being fought over, of course, and they have no other choice but to fight for the kingdom.

The princes and princesses of each province, city, and capital in the kingdoms are on good terms with each other. They all are friends, but the war kept them secluded, just in their respective castles, unable to see each other. They also knew about Costa Aqua before it was exposed, but kept it a secret as well. They decided to rebel from their parents, and leave their kingdoms. They all gathered together, and just stayed on an uninhabited island, only a few kilometers from the madness. They planned on bringing back peace to the kingdoms. They planned on fighting the fight. They started fighting for peace, but due to one of the princes' jester-like attitude, they called themselves the Royal Rebellion during their group name brainstorming. Oh, well.

~ I assume that you have read the plot, yes? So if you, yes, YOU wanna join, just message me (Minami) or Kimi the form.
~ We have the right to NOT accept you.
~ Maximum of 5 characters, as long as you can handle it.
~ Always have proper grammar and spelling.
~ Yes, you can make new lands-within-the-land (LANDCEPTIOOON!), but give a short description of the land.


For Royals:
Name: (Start it with their royal title. "Princess Asdfghjkl;")
Age: (Go nuts.)
Costa: (Costa Estrella, Costa Luna, Costa Aqua)
Land: (The place where they reside in the Costas.)
Personality: (No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stu's please?)
Bio: (Self-explanatory.)
Power/Weapons: (You can have as much weapons as you like. But just one or two powers. No telekinesis or telepathy. Or anything of the sort. Remove if not rebelling.)
Appearance: (Picture is Optional? Otherwise, just describe him/her)

Age: (Go nuts.)
Costa: (Costa Estrella, Costa Luna, Costa Aqua)
Land: (The place where they reside in the Costas.)
Personality: (No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stu's please?)
Bio: (Self-explanatory.)
Power/Weapons: (You can have as much weapons as you like. But just one or two powers. No telekinesis or telepathy. Or anything of the sort. Remove if not rebelling.)
Appearance: (Picture is Optional? Otherwise, just describe him/her)

Costa Estrella

Name: Princess Lucia Priscilla Desiree Pandora Crystal Diaz
Age: 17
Costa: Costa Estrella
Land: Casa de la Luz, Tierra de la Luz
Personality: Bossy and manipulative, this princess knows how to rule. She's sometimes unfair in her princess decisions. She loves being in charge. Lucia is very refined, but is very impulsive sometimes. Lucia is also a perfectionist.
Bio: She's forever royal, that's for sure. The oldest of the Diaz family, she takes full responsibility for everything. Unless it's about getting in trouble. She hates anything unrefined, and that includes war, so she joined the Rebellion, but only fights with weapons occasionally. She uses her magic instead.
Power/Weapons: She has a sword handed down to her by her father. She also knows how to shoot fireballs from her hands, but only if there's solar power.
Other: She's a very talented violinist, harpist and flutist.

Name: Princess Emelia Angelica Granido Le Fanida
Age: 17
Costa: Costa Estrella
Land: Fanida Castle, Fanida
Personality: Kind and caring / Rude and selfish
Bio: Princess Emelia ran away from home because she was sick of the castle. Once the war had started, she came back to defend her kingdom.
Power/Weapons: In her kind personality she can sing people to sleep. In her rude personality, she creates weapons and is a very confident sword fighter. She's also pretty good with her fists and her feet.
Appearance: <- blue eyed form <- red eyed form.
Other: When she was only a month away from being born, her mother got sick. A witch was called and she cured Emelia's mother, but when Emelia was born, her mother died and she was born with two colored eyes. Each with their own personality. Red, and blue. her eyes normally change to one color when that personality is in place.

Name: Princess Sympathy Frida Elyza Charizza Diaz- dela Cruz (Apple)
Age: 14
Costa: Costa Estrella
Land: Casa de la Classica, La Classica de Musica (Or sometimes Casa de la Luz, Tierra de la Luz when she visits her cousin.)
Personality: Very confident, helpful
Bio: Sympathy's voice started when she was 5 years old. When the kingdom heard of her voice, the king and queen declared her as the doctor of music.
Power/Weapons: Music
Appearance: Pink hair and eyes (Like Teto) with black with red stripes dress.
Other: She has a friend named Mielle from Costa Aqua. Cousin of Lucia.

Name: Princess Kassandra Rosalinda Maria Montoya Fiore
Age: 16
Costa: Costa Estrella
Land: Le Asdfghjkl
Personality: Random, awesome, bookworm, helpful.
Bio: (Gonna put something in here when I have time)
Power/Weapons: Power-shapeshift into anything complete with yellowish green streaks in her fur that glow in the dark, ninja skills. Weapon - light-saber
Appearance: ~ Just imagine the gigantic cup is a lightsaber.
Other: She happens to be very awesome.

Costa Luna

Name: Queen Gwendolyn "Gwen" Pepikrankenitz
Age: 29
Costa: Costa Luna
Land: Costa Poco de Neverland
Personality: Very bossy. Will kill you if you don't follow her. Isn't jocund because of a certain incident.
Bio: Her parents died because they drowned and because of that, she hates water. That's why she's pyrokinetic.
Power/Weapons: Pyrokinetic and Technopathic.
Appearance: She looks young in the picture.
Other: She looks exactly like herself when she was a child and its as if she just got taller and nothing has changed with her.

Name: Princess Emiko
Age: 11
Costa: Costa Estrella
Land: La Corda Castle,La Corda
Personality: Clumsy,Kind and Sweet
Bio: She's the youngest in the Family and she grew up hating her two older sisters who mostly get everything from their father,Her mother who loved her so much decided to keep her out of sight so she wouldn't see her sisters being crowned,Until one day she escaped the castle to help bring peace to the three divisions
Power/Weapons: She has 3 swords which have their diffrent personality,It depends on her mood when she uses them.
Other: She loves being with animals

Costa Aqua

Name: Merprince Aldrich Xander Evan Corals
Age: 17
Costa: Costa Aqua
Land: Coral Castle, Aquatica City (The capital of C.A.)
Personality: He is a really picky eater, likes playing pranks on humans, and is very talkative.
Bio: (Coming soon?)
Power/Weapons: A small statue made of crystal. It's warm to the touch and it's generally used to change the weather to rainy or stormy. He also owns an orb made of sapphire. It's rather slippery and has the ability to summon seamonsters. It's actually a component to a larger device.
Appearance: This merman has a chartreuse tail, dark brown eyes, a fair complexion, and wavy red hair cut short. He is tall and is quite muscular. He wears a golden necklace and a pearl bracelet. When in his human form, his chartreuse tail turns into legs. He also gains chartreuse glasses.
Other: He's the prince that named the Rebellion.

Name: Camilia Azumi Wondra Killiani
Age: 14
Costa: Costa Aqua
Land: Killiani Underwater Castle
Personality: Energetic, sly, often going off to have fun.
Bio: All her life she just stayed in the castle running around, her brother currently is the king because her parents had died not long after he became worthy of the title of king. Her brother seems keen on finding a prince thats decent enough to be a king. All of the boys Cam picks are always terrible.
Power/Weapons: She has the power to control water and sometimes when shes in a real pickle the sea animals will try to help.
Other: Shes a very talented swimmer.

Costa Estrella

Name: Calliope Bellatrix Enchiridon
Age: 16
Costa: Costa Luna, now living in Costa Estrella
Land: San Planeta, now in Tierra de la Luz
Occupation: Warrior
Personality: She's somewhat feisty, and always doing good deeds, in her eyes, that is. She's a hero. For her, but to everyone else, she's an annoying girl who tries to bring peace to the three kingdoms.
Bio: Her parents have been abused by the queen and king of one of the lands of Costa Luna, they've been put into hard labor. Calliope wanted this to stop, but they just wouldn't. So she decided to work for the rest of her family (2 sisters, 2 brothers) as a royal seamstress for the princesses of Estrella.
Power/Weapons: Two daggers, her goggles, and her giant pet eagle, Steve.

Costa Luna

Costa Aqua

Name: Kashell Jayle Faust
Age: 15
Costa: Costa Aqua
Land: Coral Castle
Occupation: Knight
Personality: He is very strong and cunning which made him a knight at a very young age
He is cold to most people but tries hard to make friends.He is somewhat self-concious and girly even thought he is a knight.
Bio:His childhood was full of fights and deaths which made him brave because of this everyone tries to make him cry but was always unsuccesful.
Since his friend invited him to be a soldier, he joined him but he died a year after.He was very kind when he was a child but he changed due to trauma of losing people.
He tries hard to protect people which made him a knight.He is also bestfriends with the prince.
Power/Weapons:Double-handed sword, bow and arrows,spear;control over water,caan change into a human
Appearance: He has short blue hair,Cute face like those Japanese male singers,glowing blue eyes(like those glow-in-the-dark thingy)
He is very short and light.Light complexion.
blue-finned tail

Name: Annika Emerald Mae Celestia
Age: 16
Costa: Costa Aqua
Land: Killiani
Occupation: Assistant to the Advisor (the one who advises the king or queen what to do in sticky situations)
Personality: She's a determined girl to bring things back HER way-along with her rowdiness and short temper.
Bio: Born to a royal advisor and a water sorceress, her adventurous vibes lead her to meet the royals of Costa Estrella and Costa Luna. She also helps her father to think of advice and learned from her mother water spells to earn her the power of Combined Atmokinesis. Now she uses it to help her human friends and to bring back the old ways of life.
Power/Weapons: Combined Atmokinesis-a combined power of every mermaid power...if you know what I mean. Simply meaning she can do anything with water as she pleases.
Appearance: Mermaid form-
Human form-
Other: She has a human form, which means she is free to roam the islands of Costa Estrella and Costa Luna without any suspicion.

Name: Mielle Clarissa de Aqua
Age: 10
Costa: Costa Aqua
Land: Coral Cave, Aquatica City
Occupation: Student
Personality: Innocent and hardworking. She could think of ideas easily.
Bio: (Coming soon.)
Power/Weapons: Pranks and tricks. If you ask her to play aqua!BINGO with you, let's see about that. She's pretty wise.
Appearance: A pink long haired girl with peach headdress, bracelet and necklase and dress. Her tail is color pink. For her human version, she just gained feet and has pink sandals.
Other: A good friend of Sympathy, the princess from Estrella. She's also a good friend of Annika, who lives near her.

Estrella Main - Main land of Estrella. Most of the Estrellian Royals make parties and events here to help other Estrellians.
Tierra de la Luz - The Land of the Light. It's ALWAYS sunny in Tierra de la Luz.
La Classica de Musica - The Land of Classic Music. Where the wonderful music of Costa Estrella is.
Le Asdfghjkl (Pronounced as: Lei Asduffguhujukul)

Los Qwertyuiop (Pronounced as: Lhos Qwertyouiioup) - A place where most CRAZY people here in Luna live.

Aquatica City

Princess Lucia - Luz Castle, Tierra de la Luz, Costa Estrella
Princess Emelia - Luz Castle, Tierra de la Luz, Costa Estrella
Princess Sympathy - Luz Castle, Tierra de la Luz, Costa Estrella
Prince Aldrich -
Princess Camilia -
Princess Kassandra -
Princess Emiko -

Queen Gwen -

Kashell -
Annika - Luz Castle, Tierra de la Luz, Costa Estrella
Calliope - Luz Castle, Tierra de la Luz, Costa Estrella
Mielle - Luz Castle, Tierra de la Luz, Costa Estrella



Best Friends
Prince Aldrich and Kashell

Mielle and Annika
Mielle and Princess Sympathy

Princess Lucia and Princess Sympathy (Cousins)


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November 6, 2011 9:47 (11 years ago)
((Azumi, please don't control other users' characters. Lucia didn't asked Emiko.))
November 7, 2011 2:58 (11 years ago)
~Annika Emerald Mae Celestia~
the smartie of costa aqua

Annika, seeing "Chloe" faint, she said, "Oh, Chloe!"and helped her back up. She tried to wake up her.
November 7, 2011 9:08 (11 years ago)
princess of music

Sympathy nodded, and went to Classica. She passed the Estrella Main, and there were a lot of people preparing for the festival. She then reached Classica, and then stopped for a while. One of the guards saw her very tired. "What is it, princess?" He asked. She stood up and looked at the guard. "Go to Tierra de la Luz, where my cousin lives in. I'll follow." She said. The guards left as she went inside.

Sympathy sat at their music-themed sofa. The maid looked at Sympathy, and asked her what she needs. Sympathy looked at the maid, and smiled. "Mango juice." She said. The maid smiled and went to the kitchen. Her mom entered and sat beside her. "I thought you were with Lucia," She asked Sympathy. Sympathy smiled and looked at her mom. "Oh, I just came back here to call the guards and I'll just follow." She said, receiving her mango juice. Her mom then nodded.

forever young!

Mielle looked at Lucia. "Princess, the guards arrived. But where's Sympathy?" She asked. One of the guards told Lucia that Sympathy will just follow. Then he asked, "What do you need, princess?"
November 24, 2011 1:59 (11 years ago)
Princess Emelia Angelica Granido Le Fanida
~I'm not your average Princess!~
Blue Eyes

"Chloe's" eyes opened slowly as she saw everybody worried about her. "Ngh, sorry about that..Its a little problem I have.." She stood up wobbling slightly and fell back to the ground. "Ahh, crap. I need to get to my house.." She tried to stand up again this time leaning on a piece of architecture standing in Estrella main. She walked over for a bit, falling down here and there. After a while she managed to reach her house, going into a kitchen cabinet she pulled out a bottle. "Chloe" drank the contents and was able to stand up again. "Next time let me out when this happens, I'm quicker than you are." Her rude self said.

Red Eyes

"Chloe" turned out of the house and ran back to Estrella Main, it was about a 15 minute walk, but only an 8 minute run. When she got back to the others she just simply explained. "Yo! Sorry 'bout the delay, sometimes walking around too much makes me collapse, every time it happens I have to run back and get my special herb brew." Unlike her kind form, her rude form knows how to lie.
November 24, 2011 12:13 (11 years ago)
~Annika Emerald Mae Celestia~
something IS fishy.

"Hmm..." said Annika suspicious.
"In all my years of studying sorcery, a temporary cure for controlling bi-polar personalities is eligible for only rich royals, as the medicine men demand high pay for such hard formulas to create. " she reviewed herself.
"Chloe, do you have any money?" she asked.
November 24, 2011 22:26 (11 years ago)
Princess Emelia Angelica Granido Le Fanida
Oh S***
Red eyes

"Crap." She said "Looks like even the best liar can be caught out hmm?"Her kind self smugly said.

Blue eyes

"Chloe's" eyes changed in front of everyone as her look became soft. "I'll tell you everything if we find a private spot, would you please come to my home?" She started a walk to her house awaiting the others to follow.
November 26, 2011 12:36 (11 years ago)
~Annika Emerald Mae Celestia~

"Alright..." said Annika, now nicer.
December 23, 2011 0:40 (11 years ago)
Princess Emelia Angelica Granido Le Fanida
~My story~
Blue eyes

As they had reached her house, Chloe began her story. "It all started a month before I was born. My mother became ill, and my father had no other choice than to ask a witch for help. She managed to cure my mother, but when I was born she died, and because of the witch's spell, I was born with one eye red, and one eye blue. But over time one color covered both eyes, and for each eye I have a different personality. As for the herb concoction, the witch gave it to me, she knows that if I talk to my other personality too much in my mind, I faint. And umm...As for money, I actually am a royal. I ran away and posed as a peasant so I wouldn't trouble my father any more. My real name is Princess Emelia Angelica Granido Le Fanida. And that is my story."
December 23, 2011 12:19 (11 years ago)
~Annika Emerald Mae Celestia~
what a very interesting story...

"Ah, no wonder for all the confusion." Annika said. "But I have one more question, why did you hide, but give yourself another identity? Are people after you?" she asked.
January 1, 2012 7:44 (11 years ago)
Princess Emelia Angelica Granido Le Fanida
Blue eyes

"I didn't want to cause my father any more trouble of looking after a cursed child...Other kingdoms were willing to wage war because of me, so I ran away. But the other kingdoms are looking for me so I can be eliminated permanently, my father also searches for me.." She told Annika in reply to her question.
January 9, 2012 11:42 (11 years ago)
~Annika Emerald Mae Celestia~
Ok. Now I've learned enough.

Annika stood up. "I think that's all I need. Now let's go back. Um..Chloe?"
January 24, 2012 1:05 (11 years ago)
Princess Emelia Angelica Granido Le Fanida
Blue eyes

March 1, 2012 9:30 (11 years ago)
~Annika Emerald Mae Celestia~

"So it is that I, only I know about this? Plus, are you willing to tell this to the Royal Rebellion?" she asked her.
March 2, 2012 11:57 (11 years ago)
Princess Emelia Angelica Granido Le Fanida
Blue eyes
"Yes..Only you know this secret. I've dared not tell anyone else in case they'd expose me, but I seem to trust y--"

Red Eyes
"Darn it ya big blubber mouth! Now everyone's gonna' have to know!" Emelia crossed her arms and looked cold once again, but told Annika. "I'm willing to tell the rebellion only if you don't turn me in. And if you do, then ya better be watching your backs. And also as long as they don't spread word of it either." She lastly stated. And walked out of the house on way back to the rest of the royals.
March 21, 2012 8:55 (11 years ago)
~Annika Emerald Mae Celestia~
I know you.

"Alright, then." Annika smugly said following, as she realized the only way to get used to "Chloe" was to change her niceness every time she changed too.