Seon's Laboratory - Item Requests

Hello and welcome.
As an artist of CPDD, I decided to help users by making their ideas/wishes into items!
Before requesting take a look at the "Dont's and Do's" and read the rules.

Items requested so far:
Tamie - Hairstyle 251, 258, 264
Ran - 249, 243 & 233
Sisdoodle - Hairstyle and outfit

Finished request:
Hair style: Pullip - requested by Tamie
Hair style: Punky Bun - requested by Rose
Handheld item: Umbrella - requested by Minami
Hair style: Cowgirl Haute - requested by Pink Rose
Hair style: Straight Pink - requested by Mika
Hair style: Azumi - requested by Azumiow1315
Hair style: Kirisaki Chitoge - requested by sisdoodle

1. No "one word" comments!
2. Use proper language.
3. Use the request form when requesting. (Bottom of the page)
4. Do not rush me.
5. If your request is declined do not ask why.
Common reason: I can't do it!

Dont's: items than include more than 3-4-5 poses (sleeves), hand-held items.

Do's: anything else.

The items I do make will be found on my profile in the changing booth. Any more information goes here.
The categories I prefer are: hair style, back-mount items. But any other category is fine.

NOTE: Items I make are subject to the Mods' approval. That means there's a small chance I would have to rework the item, or an even smaller chance it could be rejected.


R e q u e s t - F o r m
Username: (fill in your username / but not the picture)
Requesting: (item category/ eg: hair)
Picture Reference: (link to a picture)
Describe Item: (as said...)
Details: (color etc)
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April 11, 2012 1:20 (11 years ago)
Username: Azumiow1315
Requesting: Hair
Picture Reference:
Describe Item: Please make it Long,Also I would like oyu to let the buns small but let make them stamd out as well
Details: Can You have it with bLUE PINK?
April 13, 2012 20:16 (11 years ago)
Azumi: This x right?
April 15, 2012 5:56 (11 years ago)
Soory wrong haIR!

April 15, 2012 8:54 (11 years ago)
Oh okay... in color blue pink you want it? I'll give it a try.

Happy Easter beloved users and friends!
June 30, 2012 19:28 (11 years ago)
And Seon is back in business! Mika's and Rose's hairstyles have been submitted!
August 3, 2012 11:57 (11 years ago)
Requesting: wings or tail(please choose.)
Picture Reference:
Describe Item:Just choose whether the wings or the tail you want to do.
August 3, 2012 15:21 (11 years ago)
I guess I can do both. ^^
I'll add you later on the list.
August 4, 2012 1:38 (11 years ago)
Just wondering, would you be able to do hair on a human reference? Like if I sent you a picture of myself, would you be able to make my hair, or something similar? owo

I've been trying to make "Pudding" look more like myself, but I can't find any hairstyles like mine. x.x If not, I understand and that's totally fine.
January 21, 2013 16:32 (11 years ago)
Username: Jennifer
Requesting: Hair
Picture Reference:
Describe Item: More or less, just a wavy-curly-ponytail like the above. The bangs can be different--just would like the back the same and held up by a ribbon.
Details: Dark Brown hair, Pink Ribbon.

Username: Jennifer
Requesting: Dress/Top
Picture Reference:
Describe Item: Pink and pale pink victorian gown laced with gold.
Details: Same colors as image.
January 21, 2013 16:44 (11 years ago)
Actually...I think maybe I shall try doing them first XD I may actually have some time to give it a shot <3
September 19, 2013 13:38 (10 years ago)
Samsamsierra: Tora has the item. Take a look.

Jennifer: Sure.
February 3, 2014 22:25 (10 years ago)
Username: Sisdoodle
Requesting: Hair and outfit if possible (Hair Ribbon Separete if possible)
Picture Reference:
Describe Item: Chitoge Kirisaki's hair from Nisekoi school outfit with orange ribbon and light blue sailor suit.
Details: Light Blond with a red bunny type ribbon (if you could do one without as well that would be awesome!)If you need anymore pictures let me know!!! thanks!
February 4, 2014 19:05 (10 years ago)
Sissdoodle: Sure thing ^.^ I'll see what i can do.
February 24, 2014 19:15 (10 years ago)
No more request? I'm in the mood right now :3
April 24, 2014 23:43 (9 years ago)
>> poke poke