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Current Theme
(I didn't also edit this block because it felt unnecessary for the CB.)

Current Version:
body { background:#A2EBE4; color:#1D6EA5; }

#header { background:#47DBE4 url(/../img/upload/citycloudsblue.gif); background-position:bottom; }
#menu, #header { background-image:url(../../../img.php?logo=47DBE4); }
#header a { background:#A2EBE4; color:#2891C0; }
#header a:hover { background:#DFFDF2; color:#34B4DB; }
#header li.selected a { background:#A2EBE4; color:#2891C0; }
#header li.selected a:hover { color:#34B4DB; }
#top_right a, #top_right a:link, #top_right a:visited, #top_right a:active { color:#541DA5; }
#top_right a:hover { color:#6EA51D; }

h1, h2, h3, h4 { color:#2891C0; }
a:link, a:visited, a:active { color:#6EA51D; }
a:hover { color:#541DA5; } a { background:#DFFDF255; color:#2891C0; } a:hover { background:#DFFDF299; color:#34B4DB; }

.speechbox span { background:#DFFDF2; border-color:#34B4DB; }
.bubble_tail { background-image:url(../../../img.php?bubble=DFFDF2&border=34B4DB); }
.speechbox span a:link, .speechbox span a:visited, .speechbox span a:active { color:#541DA5; }
.speechbox span a:hover { color:#6EA51D; }


° Leave a comment below with a description of what you would like. ° If you need help with inspiration here is [DM me about a link to] my pinterest to maybe help you get started.° I will keep you updated as to when I get your request and the progress. ° You will not receive code if you are rude or if you can't give a decent description. °

~ If you can dream it, I can build it! ~

- I'd like to have a link to a portfolio of available themes here or a portfolio in a section of its own, below. -

Current Theme
Ali's 50's contest

Ran's To Do

❧ Lighter text

❧ Cherries behind avis (link in top_right)

Ali, plz help

❧ Colors to be edited: pink, maroon, powder blue, turquoise, teal (Nav buttons)

❧ Maybe fix header and body bg texture, check out this site for some ides ;3

❧ Maybe darker speech bubble borders

This is where you, Ali, can add things (or above, just use this block).


- Here's where tutorials will go when I figure out how I want to do that... -

This is where I will keep track of the fonts we have if we can get some.~
~*~*~ Please, please, please ~*~*~


I think these will be useful

❧ Most of these fonts are a good idea

❧ The Robotos

Alphabetical order

❧ Architects Daughter

❧ Cinzel

❧ Montserrat

@Ookami Kenran
TouDou List:


Organize wikis - mostly - :P

Make in-page bookmarks to the end of the wiki/profile content, before comments Super handy! Especially on mobile~ Y'all might wanna check it out. ^w^

New div idea: "new"; inline, highlights new things in a page It really was that easy! The hard part is choosing how to style it... NtS: ribbon effect


❧ Wisteria theme/s

❧ "'Merica" themes

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May 21 18:18 (4 months ago)
Ok, I did the best I could...
Ookami Kenran
May 21 18:22 (4 months ago)
As always, I kept the previous version; it's at the top. ^
Ookami Kenran
May 21 19:05 (4 months ago)
Ooh I'm sure she'll love this! I'll put it on her profile together somewhere this weekend, she's asleep now.
May 21 19:14 (4 months ago)

I made it so she can see this page.
If you could, please let me know when you are done so I can put it pack to authors only and go back to what I had. <3
Ookami Kenran
May 21 19:27 (4 months ago)
I will!
May 22 12:13 (4 months ago)
I showed it to her and she liked it but she couldn't see your wiki listed under her account. Please don't do anything so I can fix this properly.
May 22 12:14 (4 months ago)
Oh wait she's not a site artist so maybe that's why and I don't have to fix anything after all :P
May 22 12:15 (4 months ago)
I made her an author... O.o
Ookami Kenran
May 23 17:45 (4 months ago)
When I added "Sasha", I thought it was weird at first that the wiki added "sasha" instead. I tried adding "Sasha" again, but nothing happened (I kinda wondered if it would remove "sasha")...I haven't tried removing "sasha" yet. I reckon you'll have to delete or change the name of one of the accounts so that more bugs/glitches like this don't arise.
Ookami Kenran
May 24 20:25 (4 months ago)
You misspelled her name... but I can't seem to remove the wrong sasha either, guess I need to fix that.
May 24 20:28 (4 months ago)

Ugh...I'm so sorry... ^^;;;
Ookami Kenran
May 30 1:07 (3 months ago)
Found out the img thing at the top has a bug I'll have to fix...
Ookami Kenran
June 17 1:50 (3 months ago)
I don't dislike it at all, I just really only come online long enough to check what's new and leave is all. I have no idea when any of the dress up things are going to be made, if ever, so I just don't have a lot of opinion on the matter, but this layout is really cute <3
July 23 21:12 (2 months ago)
I like it but all text needs to be darker, for contrast/readability
July 24 20:02 (2 months ago)
Text text text link text
Ookami Kenran